Friday, April 8, 2011

Trade Me Up: What week is it now?

I've lost track. But who cares? I'm having a great time trading vintage wares whether locally or in another country. I am in this until the end of April!  On the table this week: more Pyrex.

Specifically, an Early American Cinderella Bowl. 
The smallest one, # 441 1.5 pt. with the brown on white design.

It's in great condition. 
Most important, there has been no dishwashering of the pattern!

Full disclosure: it does have some marks of usage.
Like this scratch on the bellows...

And some utensil marks on the bowl...
(Hint: Look at the glare.)

And if you look at the rim above the corn, against the black background. There is a wee chip/pockmark.

Can't see what I'm talking about when you enlarge the pictures? Well, that's how small these imperfections are. I like to be honest and I like to show off the close up feature on my camera. I was so excited about completing my Spring Blossom Cinderella Bowl set, I thought I could help someone else to complete theirs.

If you are interested in a trade hit me up in the comments below or send me an email at vtgspinster at gmail dot com. I will ship Parcel Post anywhere in the USA and Canada. (Because I know this one is under 4lbs!)

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