Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Crown Flaie

This past Sunday was my first Flea Market selling experience at New Haven's newest Flea Market: The Crown Flaie.

It was a great experience! It was myself and three other vendors including Carol's Table from The English Building Markets and Rob the proprietor.  The weather was against us, (cloudy and cold!) but we persevered.

My only goal was to cover the cost of the table space. Which I'm happy to say I did!

The Flaie is still in it's infancy, so there were people, but not crowds. However, Rob has a great deal of conviction that this will work, and I believe that. New Haven requires a lot of patience and we just have to stick it out. Fortunately, the overhead cost is low,  so I'm willing to give it the summer.  

It's also a relief to get the initial set up out of the way. I spent all day Saturday cleaning and packing items. Now it can just move from storage to car easily. I can add inventory as I go. My only glitch was with the table I borrowed from a friend. A full length 6' table doesn't really fit in my car. I had to do some finagling and drive with the table a little too close to me for comfort. I need to buy one of the kind that fold in half. So my next goal is to sell enough to cover that!


  1. Sounds like the venture was very successful. Congrats!

  2. Way to go, give it some time I reckon, personally I absolutely love selling at markets, even though it's very hard work in our sweaty summers (think Florida but more humid).