Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Tutorial: Cleaning The Grime Off Pyrex

A few months ago I bought this Golden Acorn Casserole with the intent to resell it.

However, this grime proved to be a little too baked on.  This is after the initial scrubbing and a couple more tries after that. I considered the Magic Eraser but it was too difficult to get it into that groove.  I was also afraid the amount of scrubbing involved would ruin the finish.

Enter Bar Keepers Friend.  First I put a rag on the bottom of the sink to keep the dish from slipping around. Then, as per the BKF instructions, I got the surface wet.

Now we sprinkle on the BKF:

So how do I deal with that pesky grove? The answer is this: My Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scraper. This little piece of plastic is one of my favorite kitchen tools. (Tupperware also makes them.)  Should you see one while thrifting, buy it!

Knowing the scraper alone will not do the trick and knowing the wonders of microfiber, I wrap the scraper in an old microfiber rag.

Now I bear down, and SCRUB!

Finally, progress!!! I worked my way around the dish adding more BKF as I went.

I also had to keep shifting the rag on the scraper. As you can see the sharp edge of the scraper can make holes in the rag. No big loss, it is a rag after all.

Voila! The grime is gone with no discernible difference in the finish.

Close up.

Now I will never leave a piece of Pyrex behind because it is too dirty. I hope you won't either. I'm hoping to do more cleaning and restoration tutorials as a feature on the blog. Please let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see. Thanks!


  1. As a vintage seller I'm always interested in stain removal/cleaning/fixing, etc. That makes me sound unbelievably boring, doesn't it? Ha! Have you tried oven cleaner or domestos on Pyrex? It's what we use on old enamelware, saves elbow grease and works a treat.

  2. What a great turnout! I used BKF for the first time and am in love!

  3. I love BKF, and there's a product called Gel-Gloss that I really like too. It's a non-harmful abrasive for fiberglass, cultured marble, acrylics, porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel. It cleans, removes light scratches and restores shine.

  4. Yes, please keep us updated on what works and what does not work for restoring our treasures!

  5. Wow! What a great tutorial! Where do you buy the BKF? I live in a smallish town in Idaho, hope I can find it! I can't wait to see your other tutorials. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
    Dana-I will have to give gel gloss a try.
    Donnelly- I've only found it at Walmart, and only the supercenter, not the smaller one near my house. But virtually anything can be found on Amazon.

  7. Great post! I didn't have BKF on hand, but tried Old Dutch on a dish with lots of utensil marks and it worked great. No shine removal. Keep the cleaning tutorials coming! :)

  8. Thanks for the tip, going to try it on some of my stuff