Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Major Award

Last week I had the privilege of winning a giveaway from Jackie at Let's Go Thrifting. if you are not a regular follower, you should go check it out.  In addition to witty blog posts on the subject of thrifting, there are a great many resources to be found.

So what was my major award? No it isn't a bowling alley, or a lamp.

It was this vintage book on Antique Collecting. Sweet, I was just wondering how to start a pudding mold collection. Seriously, though how interesting how vintage trends change.  One minute it's pudding molds the next it's C.Jere sculptures.

There was also these little goodies. I swear I had stickers like these in my collection when I was a kid. I also feel like they fell apart and became a sticky piece of foam when they overheated in the car. The cowboy hat and spurs are a little wall plaque and the box lunch is actually an eraser set. Some how, Jackie knew just what  my 5th grade heart desired. .

I was also checking the mail room in case my Vera umbrella arrived. No luck, just a work package from Nordstrom with Spanx pantyhose. That's right ladies Spanx, with pantyhose. Only the best for our actors.


  1. cool! was the box marked "fra-geee-lay" (must be eye-talian) ? ;)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Liz. I'm so glad you enjoyed your winning a box of eclectic finds. I know I'll enjoy giving away more fun things in the future. It's so funny too, that I collected stickers in the 5th grade. Mostly unicorns, rainbows and sparkly animals from the Sandylion brand. I loved those things!

  3. Looks like a fun bunch of prizes - I had no idea I was at any point on trend in vintage terms with my jelly moulds!

  4. darn. i was hoping to catch a glimpse of electric sex gleaming in the window.

  5. Lakota-I thought of you immediately when I saw that.

    Jackie-I was a huge fan of Mrs. Grossman's, Lisa Frank and anything Scratch n' Sniff!

  6. Oh wow, I almost forgot about the Scratch 'n' Sniff! Remember the taco scented stickers? Those were so strange.