Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Brimfield

I got away on a little vacay this weekend with a trip to Boston and Cape Cod with the Vinyl Whores. We had a blast. By sheer coincidence the mecca of East Coast Antique Shows also happened to be this weekend. In Brimfield, MA exactly-half way between my home and the hotel.  We stopped on the way up on Friday afternoon and were treated to the first really beautiful day I have seen all spring. Unfortunately due to time constraints we only really saw about one quarter to a third of what was there. We are already making plans to return in July.

The prices were varied like anywhere you would buy Antiques. Some outrageous, some reasonable, and everyone seemed willing to bargain. We did find a field with a few dollar tables and even a few 50 cent tables. I snagged these two Made In Japan Christmas figures for $1 each.

I found LuRay salt and pepper shakers to add to the LuRay set. $3 for both. 

I got this Vera Scarf for $6 and I am keeping it. The colors are perfect for me. From the Vera signature, I'd say this was late 60's early 70's.

I did indeed buy two aprons. (And have had a hell of a time photographing them this morning! It is dark and rainy here. Bear with me.)  First, this cute blue, pink and yellow number for $6.

Second, I got this turquoise half circle apron for $5. I love the heart pocket.

And that, Nerds is all I bought at Brimfield. The boys did well, they found the one record vendor there and managed to catch him before he closed up for the day. Sadly, there was not a single State Tray to be had there. At least that I saw, I may have better luck in July. I did find one on Cape Cod, but you'll have to wait until Thursday for my latest tray update.

As per usual I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday and I will be back to my regular blogging schedule this week. Note the new and improved banner and avatar!


  1. Love the Vera scarf. I'm looking for something similar to turn into a cushion.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful Vera! There was one talented lady!

  3. I love the LuRay salt and pepper shakers. They'll look beautiful with your collection.

  4. I've been envious of everyone posting about their Brimfield experiences, I still haven't gone! It's on my 'Vintage Bucket List' as well as doing the 400-mile long garage sale that goes through the Midwest/South. Some day...

    Love the aprons you found, will you display or wear the

  5. Love the luray shakers! My mother collected luray for me from a young age, and now I have boxes and boxes. It is fun to see your luray, too! Thanks!