Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Items of Use

On Saturday I took a drive up the Connecticut Shoreline to Mystic to see Luna's Sea. A puppet show created by my friend Polly Sonic. It was amazing, especially since most of the puppets were made of recycled and reclaimed materials. Truly, this show was one of the most creative things I've seen on stage in a long time.

The show was at 10 am, which left plenty of time to thrift my way back down the shore. It's interesting how themes will pop up during a day of thrifting. Saturdays Theme? Vintage things that are still useful in daily life.
My first stop was the Goodwill in Groton, CT where the first order of business was to drop off 3 large bags of books. Then while wandering the housewares I found one of my all time favorite things: Vintage Humidifier!

It was $8, a bit much and more than the original price, but so cool. I love the stripes.

I headed to New London to see if I could find any furniture for the Living Room. I had no luck there but did find a new Thrift Store. Homeward Bound Treasures was smart and set up a sandwich board on the sidewalk so I spotted it while driving. And what did I find? Another humidifier. Same brand, different model year.

This one didn't have a price other than the original price on the box and the 6.99 "James Price" sticker. When I brought it up to the counter, the lady working looked at the prices and said "Well, those are wrong! How about $3?" Sold.

The extras are what really sold this for me. Vintage bottles of inhalant! Instructions! And most important Vapo Clean Tablets!

Along with helpful instructions from the previous owner.

"Always put 1 tablet in water when starting.
It makes it operate better."

But the best part is this sticker on the top. Genius! I love a Vintage Humidifier, but I really love a snarky one. (And I say "Honestly." all the time, too.)

Other useful finds: A Kiwi horsehair shoe shine brush for $1 at the Groton Goodwill.

And this shoe stretcher for $2 at the Teen Challenge shop in Branford. It does not have the bunion pusher anymore, but it will still stretch shoes. We have a few of these at work of course, but I'm happy to have one in my size at home.

But the first thing I grabbed off the shelf at teen Challenge was this:

Oh yeah, that's a Holt Howard kitty string holder. In pretty decent condition, but not marked with Holt Howard. (There is only the faintest scrap of illegible sticker on the base.) I paid $5. Expensive for a thrift shop tchotchke? Sure, but this is worth waaaaay more than that online.

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  1. I think I spent half my childhood winters under a vaporizer...with Vicks salve slathered all over my chest. My mom was into preventive medicine...LOL

  2. Dana, did you grow up with steam radiator heat? Humidifiers are a must for New England living. I will never understand why steam heat is not, well, *steamy.* It gets so dry here in the winter.

  3. Whoa can't believe you found that stringholder so cheaply! They command crazy prices online.

    Love the vintage appliances, are you going to be using all of them?

  4. Love the sticker. LOL!

    Madison xxx

  5. What great finds! That is the second sting holder I have seen this week...before that I didn't even know they exsisted :) x

  6. Oh, loved all the town references...born in Connecticut and traveled those roads before. I wasn't into thrifting then as I am now. Wonder what treasures I missed out on back then? Oh well, the thrifting in Maine is good but I still bet the Nutmeg State is better. I grew up in the 50's and I love that decorative era now. Thanks for the memories.

  7. I think the kitty cat string holder is wonderful. So cute!

  8. How cool that you have all the "extras" with the vaporizer. It would make a great display.
    And the Holt Howard kitty? What a find and looks in perfect condition.
    I have to wonder, where do you work? We've never had shoe stretchers at any of my (many many) jobs. Had to smile because I went to a village wide rummage at the home of Allen Edmonds shoes and I saw so many of these at sales.

  9. Laurie-I'm sorry I accidentally deleted your comment! She says: "Oh, I love that string holder!!"

  10. I love that snrky comment on the vintage humidifier. GREAT post with the useful thrifted theme, since we're bad thrifted that can't help getting useless things from time to time :)

    Do you intend to use the humidifier?

  11. That kitty string holder is beyond adorable!

  12. I do plan on using the humidifiers. Like my hero Liz Lemon, I have horrible sinus problems. Sleeping with one running in the winter makes a huge difference. The inhalant will be for display only.