Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

Well Nerds, Sunday was an amazing day for thrifting. It's a lot to take in, which is why this post is so late in the day. (Plus some cleaning needed to happen in order to make room in the apartment.)

First stop. The English Market. I spent a couple hours with Carol at her group Sewing Studio. I managed to get my doily project on it's way to being accomplished. 

Of course being surrounded by vintage goodness, I kept getting distracted. Is that a bowling ball? OMG is that pink Steelcase desk? And then these caught my eye. I see them stretched over canvas frames...

As we were working customers came by and browsed and a couple folks mentioned they had been to a Flea Market a block over. My response when Carol told me: "What? Where?" Turns out  it was on Crown St. in the parking lot between Acme Office Furniture Co. and Cafe Nine. Sweet. The three dudes running it were lovely and are hoping to expand. They were so surprised that word of mouth was already spreading. 

I spotted this fantastic crate. What does that say? Hood River, Oregon? Yes, please. The dudes were thrilled an Oregonian was buying it.  I hope the Crown Flea keeps going. (And I hope I get to sell there!)

Next it was on to the New Haven Historical Society for their Tag Sale. It was kind of a bust but I found a couple records, because a certain Vinyl Whore has a birthday coming up soon. 

I then drove to Stratford to an Estate Sale. Kind of a hike, but a friend lives on the same road so I knew the hood and had a hunch it would be a good sale. I was not disappointed. I bought a mess of stuff for $10. Here is the highlight reel:

Since I was in the area. I popped in to The Stratford Antique Center. I found a new tray, which I will share on our next Thursday Tray Update. I also found some Pyrex which I will share on the Pyrex Collective II this week.  I thought what the hell, I'll stop into the Milford Goodwill on the way home. It was a damn good thing I did. I found two of my grail items. (And another tray!)

Grail #1: Lu Ray Pastels, a huge mismatched set for $30.

Grail #2:  A burl wood clock. Needs work, but worth the $3 price tag.

Whew! It was an amazing day. So many treasures and a possible new selling option! I was so wiped I couldn't even unload the car. It seemed a better move to clean the house first and that had to wait until this morning. I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday. More on the Lu Ray's tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you did well. I want to know more about the pointy spoons!

  2. How fun to find a piece of home so far away! Love the look of the wooden crates. I don't know anything about the brand of dishes, but the colors are so pretty!

    Kim in Oregon

  3. Dana- I think they are either for iced tea or drinks. I was excited to grab them because they are the same aluminum finish as my cocktail shaker.

  4. That china is so pretty - I don't know anything about Lu Ray pastels but it has a similar feel to what tends to be referred to as 'utility china' over here. That is, made during the war years when there were restrictions on how things could be made and decorated, to save resources. (Oh, I've just googled - now I know)

    I like the sectioned trunk/box too - is that for fishing tackle?

  5. I love those days when you go from one great sale to another. I hope you get to sell at the new flea market - that would be awesome. What a haul, indeed! The tea spoons or cocktail stirrers are so fabulous. Love your crate - I have a compulsion for those. And the Lu Ray - what a score! I actually may have a blue plate around here. I'll have to look.

  6. I really like the pastel dishes. They are lovely. You found some really great things!