Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I spent the week preparing for selling at the flea market on Sunday. So I only made a couple brief stops at the thrifts this week. (But went to Target like, 9 times. Because I kept running out of necessities like toilet paper and cleaning products.) So between stops one day I made the time to pop into Helping Hands and the Goodwill Outlet.

At Helping Hands there were Spring Blossom Casseroles just waiting for me. They were $4 each in perfect condition, but sans lid. Fortunately, I keep spares around for such occasions.

The look so nice with the casserole I already have. Only 1 more to complete the set!

I also got these coasters for $3. I think they may be teak but I'm terrible at identifying anything other than  80's oak by sight. Does anyone know a good guide for identifying woods?

Anyway for $3 these fit my criteria perfectly, mid-century, interesting, and not limited to the size of your glass. I love my vintage travel coasters, but the rims on the edge don't work with modern glass ware. Look at this metal inlay in the front. Swanky!

I stopped in to the Goodwill Outlet to have a look at their furniture. No dice there. But I did get some display things for selling at the flea market and I spied this buried under a pile. Could it be? It is!

A Pyrex cradle!

Look how good it looks with my largest casserole. One of the handle covers is missing, but for the pennies I paid for this, I don't mind.

I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for the always entertaining, Thrift Share Monday. Go over, spend a few hours seeing what everyone else brought home. Check in with me tomorrow for more details on my flea market experience! (Hint: It was a good one.)


  1. Congrats on finding more casserole dishes and the cradle!

  2. I've said it once, and I will say it again, the US has great pyrex. One of my little dreams is to go over to the US and get a container load of pyrex and vintage clothes. It may happen if the AUssie dollar continues to climb. Wishful thinking

  3. Those Spring Blossom Casseroles are really cute! I love them!

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  4. The more I see that pyrex pattern, the more I like it. They look great stacked up like that. The mats are cool too - although I am also pretty clueless on woods and would be working on a guess because they're dark. I'm sure there's a web page out there somewhere though.

  5. I am loving the spring blossoms Pyrex bowls you found. LOVE them! I also really like the wood items. Great finds!

  6. omg you find that design everywhere! thrifting gods must really adore you :) congrats!!

  7. Such happy pyrex! Those coasters look like they are black walnut wood, so nice :)

  8. Love the Pyrex! That's my favorite pattern =D Finding a cradle is a big score too. I really love the inlay on those coasters - they're beautiful!

  9. I have that cradle, but I am now jealous of your white-with-green-flowers casserole. I only have the green-with-white-flowers variety! Nice to know there was such a selection back then. You've got some great finds!