Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

On our trip to Cape Cod this weekend I found Virginia! (What an odd sentence that is.) It was $1 at Yarmouth Boatworks and Antiques Market  between Hyannis and Yarmouth. It was only $1 because it was in need of some serious cleaning. It looks like it spent some time in the elements. Here is the before:

And after a little work with the Bar Keepers Friend:

Much better, well worth my dollar. 

On Monday I discovered via the Savers website that they now have a Club Card. (This also applies to Value Village too.) The process is kind of complicated. You fill out the online form, they send an email, you click a link in the email, you print a form, you take the form to Savers, they give you the physical card, you go back online you enter the number on the card into your online account.  Whew, so much work and like I said-complicated. But the bonus is you get a 25% off coupon for your entire purchase and another coupon for buy 4 items get 1 free. 

I used my 25% off coupon to buy many cute summer clothes. (Which Mother Nature is making impossible to wear!) I also found, lurking amongst the serving ware, an actual factual Connecticut Nashco tray. 

It was priced at $.99 which means with the coupon it was, wait for it....75 cents. Totally makes up for the lack of trays at Brimfield.  I love how the flowers on the two CT Nashco's I have are totally different.  Since they are hand painted, each is unique. It totally justifies keeping them both!


  1. Your collection is coming along beautifully! Also randomly, there's this blanket in the antique shop where I sell my wares that looks exactly like the one in your banner. Made me thin of Vintage Spinster immediately :)

  2. Great tray finds. How many so far?