Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring Blossom is Busting Out All Over

I've had fabulous luck lately with finding new Spring Blossom pieces, and I'm having fun taking vintage style photos of them. Now they really look like they are in the 1970's!

The casseroles from Helping Hands I mentioned in a previous post:

At the Clinton Goodwill I found 3 D Handle Mugs to go with the one lone mug I already had, .99 each.

And since last Monday was Memorial Day, that meant 50% off sales at most of the Goodwills. Sadly, the Milford Goodwill was not having a sale. But happily, this 1.5 qt oval casserole was only $4.

I'm starting to work on compiling my Pyrex collections in the "Pages" section of the Blog. Check out the new Spring Blossom page. I managed to get quite a bit of Spring Blossom info off the site Corelle Corner.

On Friday I get to pick up my first CSA of the season and I can't wait! What's a CSA, you ask? Drop in tomorrow when I introduce my new blog feature: Vintage Kitsch'n. One part cooking with organic veggies, one part experimenting with vintage recipes, and one part showing off my vintage kitchen goodies.


  1. I hadn't noticed your collection pages. So cool!

  2. Looking forward to the CSA (even though am not sure what it is, you had me a vintage kitsch'n!)

  3. Nice collection....spring blossom is such a cheerful pattern.

  4. Love! My mother has So much from this collection!