Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n: Banana Bread

Last week I mentioned Kale, which is something I never thought I would enjoy until I started the CSA. I only recieved a small bunch this week, in addition to a plethora of lettuces. If I learned anything from last week, it's: Don't cook a whole bunch of food before the weekend, when all your meals will be provided. You will not eat the food you cooked and it will go bad. So I did a little prep work for Monday. I will get back to the greens in a bit.

At the Festival we are so busy, there is often barely or no time to eat, so we provide bagels, donuts, snacks, sandwich fixins, and meals on the weekends. A big part of my job is picking up/distributing the food. In the last couple years we have been buying fruit and vegetables wholesale from a local produce distributor. Last Friday we picked up a huge box of bananas for the weekend, so by the end of this week the leftovers were at the point where they were prime for banana bread. I headed home Thursday night to bake some bread and prep for next weeks meal.

First I knocked out a gluten free version, so I wouldn't cross contaminate with it's gluten full cousin. I picked up a gluten free baking mix from Stop and Shop and followed the directions for muffins and added a mashed banana.

Note my vintage hand mixer that matches my Spring Blossom ever so nicely:

Ready for the oven:

While the gluten free bread baked, I moved on to the greens. According to this NYT Diners Journal article by Edward Schneider, cooked greens will keep in the fridge for four or five days. So I'm prepping these to make Eggs Florentine on Monday.

After chopping the greens and destemming the kale, I simply blanched the greens in boiling water, rinsed them in cold water, and let them drip dry in the colander.

Then I packed them in my Spring Blossom 1.5 qt casserole dish, covered the greens with plastic wrap, put the lid on, and put the dish in the back of the fridge.

The banana bread recipe I am using is Mark Bittman's from How to Cook Everything, also printed here in the New York Times. When I have a cold, all I want to ingest is this Banana Bread and orange juice. I have been utilizing the HTCE App on my ipod Touch ever since I bought it back in September. If you have an iphone, itouch, or ipad-BUY THE APP! It's so useful. Here are the Banana Bread screen grabs of the recipe Overview and Step One:

Step one: check. I am doubling the recipe. Note that I do not own any vintage Pyrex loaf pans. I must work on that.

Step two: Wet items mixed, dry items mixed.

Since the bowls are pretty full, I offloaded into my trusty 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup to mix the wet and dry together. (Not vintage, but a kitchen staple.)


Step 3: Check.

And done. Two loaves of Bittman Banana Bread, one small loaf of gluten free banana bread, and one small loaf of pumpkin bread. (For my friend Kate, who is preggers and hates bananas.)


As you can see by the view outside, it's raining. Again. A perfect day for banana bread.

Next week I will continue the recipe for Eggs Florentine from the Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar. It includes "White Sauce." Could it get any kistchier?


  1. Ummmm...the banana bread has my mouth watering.

  2. Banana Bread = My Favorite!! Yum!!