Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n

It was about 5:00pm on Thursday night when I realized that it was Thursday making the next day Friday and that I needed to get this Vintage Kistch'n post together for today. Then I looked out the window and realized I wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

A huge line of thunderstorms was bearing down on the Connecticut shoreline turning day to night. It poured, there was thunder and lightning, and it got very windy. I had to stick around work for a couple more hours to prevent getting soaked, or getting struck by lightning.

I decided the best thing to produce from The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar was an adaption of the advice on July 5th.  "Cook escarole in consomme and serve the soup with crispy French bread." 

I picked up a loaf of bread from the store made by local bakery Chabaso and grabbed an extra vegetable broth to go with the chicken broth I already had. I had some more escarole-like greens in the CSA box but they were extremely bitter, even for me. I chose to use the red deer tongue lettuce instead.

I heated the broth and added the chopped lettuce and then I thought, well this is boring. So I added some savory leaves and some garlic salt. The I threw caution to the wind and added some tortellini.

T-fal pot. I need to find more vintage cookware.

As for the crusty bread I decided to make some garlic toast a la my Great Aunt Eva. (She of the avocado and orange kitchen.) This involves slicing your French bread and basting it with melted butter. Then you sprinkle garlic salt on the buttered bread and toast in the oven at 350 degrees until browned. It gets very crusty, perfect for dipping.

Spring Blossom butter dish.
Note the Danish wood handled butter knife.

Dinner is served.  The soup is in one of my Nantucket stoneware bowls. I'm not sure if these are vintage or not but I keep finding them at the Goodwill and they are the perfect heavy duty bowls for soups or cereal.

Clockwise: LuRay bread plate, Pyrex bowl, Kings Crown
tumbler, Danish spoon left behind by a roommate years ago. 

How did it taste? Let's just say, I'm glad I added the pasta. However, it was a simple, easy meal on a rainy summer night.  Come back next Friday and see what I make with Kale!


  1. Yum, garlic bread, just like I make it too. Your Great Aunt Eva is a woman after my own heart, because I have an avocado and orange kitchen too.

  2. I don't believe your bowls are vintage. The Nantucket name is the brand from Christmas Tree Shop. Vintage or not though, they are the perfect spot to put that yummy soup!