Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different.

I added a couple new people to the Blogroll on the side bar to your right over there, and I thought I'd break down a few of the blogs I have posted over there.  These are not necessarily blogs about vintage things, or thrifting, or reselling or any of that. These folks are just friends of mine and you know whatever blog traffic goes around, comes around.

antinomia: Polly Sonic, she who gifted me the vintage fabric, is an alias for my friend Linda who is a self described illustrator/ puppeteer/ fire twirler/ figure skater/musical saw player/ chauffeur/ Rumi reader/ rollergirl/ seamstress. Linda always has something going on, her current project involves this fantastic puppet show called Luna's Sea and promoting it by becoming a living mermaid statue.

Chad Raines is a local musician/ sound designer/ actor who just graduated from Yale with his MFA in Sound Design. His blog is chronicling his musical and theatrical adventures. Chad's music is to die for and you should definitely check out his band The Simple Pleasure. You can download their music on itunes, including Missed Connections a rock musical about the Missed Connections ads in the local paper.

janiegirlcrafts is my friend Janie. She creates cute handmade items inspired by, made for, and used by kids. Looking for a unique, super cute shower gift?  Check out her Esty shop. She's on a bit of hiatus at the moment, but she should be restocking towards the end of the summer. (Janie works at Festival too, 'nuff said.)

The Observationalist NYC is my friend Mike, another YSD alum. We had the joy of working together all three years he was a student, including on one of the most difficult shows I've ever worked on. We are bonded like super glue. Mike's blog is all about his journeys as a freelance Costume Designer and design assistant in New York City. It is a pretty fun job, but it's not all sparkle dust and bugle beads. Mike is great about laying out the reality of being a theater professional and single gay man in NY while keeping his chin up.

The Vinyl Whores: I have been pimping these dudes (my besties) for a while now. Follow Garth and Dan as they expand and share their GIANT record collection. Soon, very soon, the three of us will take on New Jersey.

urbanhomebody is written by my coworker Steven. It's about his life with one foot in Brooklyn and one foot in New Haven. Mostly, I just like to gawk at the fabulous apartment in Brooklyn he shares with his husband Matthew. And just because they live in Brooklyn, it does not make them hipsters! Steven and Matt  are way cooler than any hipster could ever dream of, they have a rooftop garden. ETA: Steven lives in Harlem. Thank goodness! The New Haven/Manhattan commute is 2 hours to begin with-add Brooklyn into the mix and you've got another hour if you're lucky. I was wondring how he did it...

Check them out, leave a comment, and tell 'em Vintage Spinster sent ya!


  1. I checked 'em all out. Great blogs!

  2. I enjoy when people introduce us to other blogs they appreciate.
    There are also a couple weekly blog hops where you link up not your own blog but the URL of someone who influenced you and you want to share. I need to do that again.

    Thanks for introducing us.

  3. Sigh...homework. Point and click.