Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day Nerds! Festival is over and now I've got to prepare for the 4th of July weekend festivities. Which means giving my apartment a good clean and finally dealing with the place I call a Living Room. (More like a passing through room with a TV and storage.)  I'll be taking the holiday weekend off to recharge. I will return to the blog on Tuesday with photos of the living room's progress.

Until then I will be celebrating the fact that our Founding Fathers came up with a brilliant way to run a country that would grow and evolve as the world did. Even if we've gotten off track in the last century or so, it's still a damn good idea. Though the current rate of taxation would probably make their heads explode.

John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence. (Small Version.) Located in the Yale University Art Gallery across the street from my office.  Trumbull sold some of his collection to Yale in 1831 including the First version of Declaration which he began in Paris in 1785. The second much larger painting was commissioned for the US Capitol  in 1817. John Trumbull was originally interred underneath Declaration in the original Trumbull Gallery until the collection was moved to Street Hall, where presumably Mr. Trumbull and his wife's remains still reside. 

Speaking of remains. I finally pulled myself together and joined up at the Yale Gym. I stopped by the membership office, which looks like the Hogwarts Trophy Room with computers in the middle, and was greeted by the Original Handsome Dan.

Apparently "he is the perpetual guardian of the treasures which attest to generations of Yale athletic glory." Had I known, I would have joined the Gym ages ago! Yale certainly likes it's weird creepy remains doesn't it? 

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