Friday, July 15, 2011

Primary Pyrex

In addition to the Spring Blossom pattern, I also collect Primary Pyrex pieces.  I  have two complete fridgie sets. Most pieces I've scored from the Goodwill, with the exception of one red and one blue given to me for Christmas from my Mom last year. I also picked up one red from an antique mall in Roseville, CA last summer.

One set in great condition:

One set, a little dishwashered around the edges but still useful. The other red fridgie (which is in rougher shape) currently lives with my flea market items as a business card holder.

Then there is my one lone blue lidless fridgie.

Let me just note that all my blue fridgies have a completely different makers mark on them. I'm taking this to mean none of them are from the same year or mold. (By the way Pyrex, if you would publish an official guide with picture guides, numbers, and production history, it would sell like crazy. Just sayin'.)

I think this one must be the oldest because it mentions the US Patent Office. It is also the least raised.

The circle of "T"'s around the stamp is interesting.

My other primary pieces are from the Hostess Oven-and-Table set. I bought the 2.5 qt bowl at Savers for $4.99.

And I bought the 12oz Ramekins at the Stratford Antique Center for $2 each. They are practically new, and the perfect size for snacks.

I've added a new page tab with my Primary Collection and I've updated the Spring Blossom page with my finds from last weekend. Gemco's  Spring Blossom Salt and Pepper and Sugar and Creamer. Want to know more about Gemco? Check out the Gemco page on Corelle Corner, an extensive Corelle and Pyrex resource.

Due to the excellent adventure in New Jersey last weekend, I did not pick up my veggies last Saturday. Subsequently, Vintage Kitsch'n will return next week. My thrifting companions The Vinyl Whores put up a mega post of our journey, if you want more details on their $63 vintage stereo system.


  1. *Love* those primaries! Heck, I love all Pyrex. Fridgies are special though, don't you think? I can't believe you own two full sets! I'm super jealous.

  2. I'm with Flo, super jealous about you owning 2 full sets!

  3. Love the Primary Colour Pyrex; I keep finding (and buying) the sans lids :-(

  4. The primary color pieces are great, and I'm absolutely crazy about the sugar and creamer.