Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: The Golden Nugget of Jersey

For a while now the Vinyl Whores and I have talked of heading over to New Jersey to check out the thrifts over there, particularly The Meadowlands Flea Market. Unfortunately the weekend that worked with our schedules, the New Jersey State Fair was happening at the Meadowlands. Now, I loves me a State Fair, but that's not what this trip is about. So at the insistence of Dan's co-workers, we made the trek out to to Lambertville near Trenton to check out the Golden Nugget Antique Market. We stopped in Jersey City to pick up my friend Jeanne and hit the road on a particularly glorious summer day for New England.

It was worth the drive. The market is a combo of outdoor vendors, an indoor antique mall, and food vendors. It was not even at half vendor capacity due to some issues with an area power outage but we were still able to find some bargains and have a good time. There was Spring Blossom Pyrex just waiting for me.

I bought the Gemco cream and sugar set for $6 and one pair of the salt and peppers for $3. The other salt and pepper I found later in the day for $2. I couldn't resist something crossing my path twice in one day. One to keep one to sell.

I also started thinking ahead to my Steampunk costumes for Measure for Measure. I picked up these doo dads to stitch onto costumes for $1 each. The batch of brass safety pins was $2. Those will be very handy.

These glass grapes were $1. Unfortunately, one got broken on the way home. That's what I get for not bringing newspaper to pack items properly.

These jar tongs (for canning) were $5. The wooden handles were the selling point for me.

That's all for the flea market. After a horrendous hunt for somewhere to eat lunch, (We finally found a diner after 45 minutes of driving through a ghetto that made New Haven's look palatial.) we landed at the Trenton Goodwill.

This is not a Pyrex loaf pan. I believe it is a Westinghouse. as it has an underlined W makers mark. I really liked the lid. It will be perfect for tea breads. $4.

I also got this lovely straw purse for $5. I will definitely be keeping this one, it's in perfect condition. I love the handle!

After a stop at a Salvation Army and Red White and Blue Store in Mercerville, neither yielded much, we headed back towards NY with a stop in East Brunswick at the Goodwill. In addition to the Salt and Pepper shakers I found this Pyrex Carafe for $4.

 I also found these fun little "Know Your States" flash cards for $2.

Each card has the State on one side and a spelling/pronunciation guide on the other. I smell a craft project. Fortunately there are enough to keep and sell.

Or-e-gon not Or-e-gone
The only tray I encountered was Florida (How it mocks me so!) I left it behind. We drove back to Jersey City, dropped off Jeanne. Drove back to Queens to drop the boys and their new vintage stereo system they cobbled together from The Nugget, and the Goodwills for $63. Then headed home for Connecticut. A long day, but worth it!

I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.  This is my first time with HLA and I can't wait to see if everyone else had a great thrifting weekend like we did.


  1. The cream and sugar set is beautiful! I got a Pyrex loaf pan like that (without the lid) when I got married in 1967, and we had a juice carafe like that at the store, but my daughter appropriated it for herself. :) Great finds!

  2. Wonderful finds! I especially love the S&P shakers, the carafe and those know your state cards!!!

  3. that pyrex carafe is so perfect for right now. i've not been to the lambertville side of things, but new hope is very big with antiques. which probably mean overpriced!

  4. Great finds - love the Gemco Spring Blossom set. The steampunk findings are fantastic! Hoping we see pics of that costume you'll be putting together!

  5. lovely finds!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. I don't believe that I've EVER seen a bread pan with a lid like that...what a wonderful find! (And now I have something new to look for in the thrifts.)

  7. Wow, great finds!! I love your steampunk accessories, especially that rusty arrow. Cool!!