Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Most Productive Weekend Ever

OK well, maybe not ever. But damn close!

First, what you came for, the Thrift Share. In my last Vintage Kitsch'n post I mentioned my green 80's Tupperware grater/keeper. It was my mothers and she also had the matching celery keeper and lettuce crisp-it. Where the celery and lettuce keepers got off to, I don't know. I took the grater when I left for college and have toted it around ever since. While I was out selling my wares at the Crown Flaie this weekend I spied that faux jadeite green poking out of a fellow vendors box of junk. It was the celery keeper! It even still has the lid and the drainer. Rob sold it to me for $2.

Now, for my weekend progress report. I got into a discussion via the comments on Atomic Betties blog post about lists, and the making of lists, and getting caught up in a process and not doing much on the lists. I challenged myself, Flo, and anyone else to a Facebook update at the end of the weekend for accountability.  Then I sat down and thought long and hard about what I want to resell and what goals I want to accomplish over the next six months. I have been casting too wide of a net in the process of becoming a reseller and spending too much time getting to caught up in the process. I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details, but I really feel like I have a handle on things now.

After my I finished my deep thoughts, I got down to business. So Nerds, it is with great relief that I can finally, finally, FINALLY, announce the opening of my Etsy shop!

(Trumpets, Fanfare, Etc....)

It feels like it took forever and a day, but I have some vintage and upcycled handmade items up for sale. What upcycled items are these, then? Remember back in the day I made that quilt out of felted Pendleton wool? There are now pillows, yes pillows! Four of 'em for sale right now, inserts included, and comparably priced to other handmade pillows. Click on the photos below to visit their respective Etsy pages. You don't have to buy one, but I'd really appreciate the traffic. (I've already made someones treasury!)

You can also find a link to the Etsy shop on the sidebar here on the Blog and on my Facebook Page as well. As I mentioned earlier, I spent Sunday selling at the Crown Flaie market. Traffic was kind of meh, and I got seriously overheated. I'm going to reevaluate if that's something I want to continue to pursue.  I did make a visit to the English Market picked up my consignment earnings, and had a great chat with Carol about reselling that made my day. I accomplished  90% of my weekend "To Do" list, made a little bit of money, and learned tons. I even made it to the gym. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Hi I saw your pictures from the fair posted on facebook. I want to try to get into selling at fairs to, but I feel like I don't have a large enough car or a large enough storage space for playing with the big dogs. Have you seen this blog? Their displays are fantastic inspiration.