Monday, July 25, 2011

Thrift Share (of Terror) Monday: Like a Barbie Cake Gone Wrong

I have nothing to Thrift Share today, with all my Measure for Measure preparations I had no time for any thrifting this week. And besides-it was too damn hot to leave the house. Fear not, I will begin costume shopping soon and I will have plenty to share in the next month.

I leave you with this gem. It's like a Barbie cake, but a it's lamp, but it's not really a Barbie, and...yeah.

Seen at the Red, White, and Blue Store Mercerville, NJ
(What is up with that price tag? $7.99?!!)


  1. Oh yes that is a truly feral lamp-AWESOME!!!

  2. mother actually made me a cake that looked just like that for my 8th birthday. I think it worked much better as a cake...tasty even if it wasn't tasteful.