Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: All Hail McQueen

The item in this post isn't so scary, but the price sure is. I understand that McQueen is a hot ticket right now what with the show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Savage Beauty and Kate Middleton's wedding gown
But really, Goodwill? $500.00?

Seen at the Groton, CT Goodwill.


  1. McQueen is a hot ticket right now. I'm the first to admit he's a genius and his work is brilliant from any angle, but seriously? Goodwill... way to jump on a hyped-up-bandwagon.

    Question: if there the "bumster" pants, buy them. You could easily make loads off of re-selling one of those.

  2. I don't think they are, they seemed to have a pretty high rise. On first glance I immediately thought the cut would be unflattering, but they probably look amazing on just the right model, er person.

  3. You can tell I'm old and totally out of touch with the fashion world. I had to Google Alexander McQueen, so if I had seen that at Goodwill, I would have assumed it was a mistake or a joke that I didn't get.

  4. Hahaa...right. Can I ask, as I've never quite understood, does money raised from Goodwill go to a particular charity? Or is it state run and the idea is just to provide affordable things for those on a budget? Because even 'professional' thrifters are unlikely to have $500 burning a hole in their pocket. Over here, all charity shops raise for a named charity (you could probably figure that out from the name). Something they thought could raise that amount of money would probably be auctioned on Ebay for charity instead of sold through a retail store.

  5. Lakota- Goodwill raises money for their own independent charity Goodwill Industries. The charity provides jobs and job training for people who have difficulty finding a job because of a disability, age, lack of education, or criminal record. Most of those jobs are through their system of retail stores,and they help the workers find transportation and childcare if necessary.
    So basically the cycle goes: I donate to provide sellable items, the workers sort, price and sell, I buy items and the money funds the jobs they provide. Rinse, repeat.
    While Goodwill is an umbrella charity, the stores are individually owned and operated at a smaller non-profit level. For example I do most of my shopping at the Goodwill of Greater New Haven, but if I go to Milford 2 towns over-I am shopping at the Goodwill of Western Connecticut. The only difference really boils down to distribution and half price sales. This is why pricing can vary so much from store to store.
    Goodwill now has an online auction site and I'm surprised these pants didn't end up there instead.

  6. I saw that kind of pricing on anything Michael Jackson right after he passed. cRaZy what people will price things sometimes.