Friday, July 29, 2011

A Very Thrifty Birthday

My best friend, one half of the Vinyl Whores, has his birthday today. I made the trek from Connecticut to NYC with thrifty presents in the back of Scooter Subaru this morning to take him and his partner to the beach for the day.

Of course I gave him some records. Just a short stack. Mostly they came from Goodwill.

Some serious, some silly, some truly weird-but hey, that's what the guy likes. I can't wait to hear "Zingers from The Hollywood Squares"

"Captain and Tennille"-a classic.

And he may pee himself when he sees the Bonnie Tyler album. (I hope he doesn't have it already!)

He has been looking for one of these old school Dymo label makers for years. It even came with several extra rolls of tape and this cool metal box. I bought it at a rummage barn in Essex.

He know's he's getting one of my extra humidifiers, and this gravy boat I picked up a while back.

But he doesn't know about these:

Butterfly Gold Glasses! I have a cross post at the Pyrex Collective II about them if you want more info. I just bought these at Goodwill on Wednesday when I was out shopping for pants for Measure for Measure. 

The Vintage Kistch'n will be back next week. I'm taking a little R&R this weekend to celebrate the Vinyl Whore's birthday and another friend's Wacky Wedding in Central Park as part of the Pop Up Chapel event.  It's going to be a blast!


  1. My guy and I love to exchange vintage gifts! They are the best kind. You found some awesome presents!!

  2. Ain't it cool to know someone so well that you can buy them gifts that you KNOW they'll love from the thrift store!!!

  3. We are still giddy with delight over all the goodies and frankly for a fun, relaxing weekend. Thanks Lady Spinster! Now lets prepare for the yard sale of the century!!