Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n: Bok Choy

It's been so lovely being at home all week long. I've managed to complete the research portion of my costume design process. I managed to get to the gym.  It was also nice to have time to cook a meal without rushing. Of course now that the end of the week has caught up with me, I'm rushing to write this post.

This week's recipe is Jumbo Shrimp with Bok Choy from Country Living Magazine.  I had to go with a modern publication as I don't think anyone was making anything with bok choy prior to the last couple decades.  

I zested the lime on my 80's Tupperware grater. I know some people have complained about this grater's ineffectiveness, but I find it works for me. It's a decent grater for zesting and grating cheeses, and there is a lid so you can grate and store.

Then I juiced said lime on my glass reamer.

Lime juice, Trader Joe's Island Soyaki, and honey went into the orange sauce pan to boil and cook down.

While the sauce is doing it's thing, I chopped up the bok choy. The recipe calls for halved baby bok choys, so I just cut the full size one down to reasonable pieces. 

I used frozen shrimp, because let's face it dealing with uncooked shrimp is a pain. So these are smaller than jumbo, but I used the same weight. Instead of a full cook in oil, I just heated these up and added the sauce. Hmm... it's a little soupier than I think it's supposed to be.

Then I added the bok choy and stirred and fried in my trusty cast iron skillet.

Then served on a Pyrex plate with brown rice. Leftovers are transferred directly to the fridgies. I love this plate, it's the only one of these I have. While I like using the LuRays, I also wouldn't mind a set of Pyrex for every day. They are so sturdy, of course my preference would be these Friendship plates. (Drool.)

This dish tuned out really well. (After I drained off the excess liquid, oops!) The stem of the bok choy turns out kind of creamy and the sauce had a pleasant citrus flavor to it.  However, the leftovers the next day were kind of meh. It's not a dish for reheating, which is not something that usually bothers me. 

The lady at Stone Gardens assured us in her weekly email that this weekend would be the last of the bok choy. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief, even the farmers. I am headed out to flea market all day Saturday so I won't be picking up my CSA this weekend. Which is fine, I have more than enough food right now and really don't want to deal with any more bok choy.

Monday I will be back to my regularly scheduled Thrift Share Monday with a post about Saturday's adventures at the Golden Nugget Antique Market. Perhaps there will be more Pyrex plates to be had! Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for photos from the flea market, I'll be putting that iPhone to good use!