Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodnight Irene

I have a few fabulous blog posts started, but have not been able to finish them due to emergency preparedness for this Hurricane Irene who is ever so slooooowly headed this way. She will get here, when she gets here and not one minute sooner thankyouverymuch.

I have stocked up on supplies, and we have cancelled our shows for this weekend. Last night was spent battening down the hatches on the set so it doesn't blow away.

I have photos of my fabulous hurricane lamp to share with you.

I got this at a Goodwill for a dollar. It's in great condition and even has a sizable reservoir for the oil.

The only problem? No oil. I should have gotten some on Thursday when I was doing my first round of shopping. Thing is, it's not as available as it was when I was a kid, so I looked in all the wrong places first. I should have gone to Walmart or one of the monster hardware stores.  I intended to hit up one of the small local hardware stores, but just couldn't make it to that side of town during their business hours. Oh well! Ikea may be running low on bathmats because of back-to-school but they still have plenty of candles and batteries.

My only real concern at this point is loosing power. As long as I still have the Internet, I will try to catch up on posting this weekend. To everyone else in the East Coast blogosphere: stay safe!


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  2. Hope you're OK. Let us hear from you!

  3. Hope all goes well with you. The best times we have spent have been during storms and power outages. A memorable Christmas Day where the kids main gift was an X box and other electronics (couldn't use, no power) was spent in electrical call outs in my husbands van. The kids were as happy as Larry! I had bought them little balls that you smash together and which generate a spark. Who would have thunk being together squashed in the front seat of a smelly van would have been so special!

  4. Just woke up to see Irene's been downgraded to a tropical storm? And I've still got power! The high tide/ storm surge will hit in about an hour,so we'll see what happens. NYC seems to have fared well, so I'm optimistic.