Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

Hey, Nerds! I had the most fabulous weekend. On Friday I drove down to NYC to visit the Vinyl Whores, and we spent a relaxing afternoon at Long Beach on Long Island. On Saturday I went to The Alexander McQueen show again with my friend The Observationalist, went to a friend's wedding at the Pop Up Chapel in Central Park, and rounded out the night at The Vinyl Whores home with a Barbecue. 

Of course what would be a fabulous weekend without thrifting? Technically, I took two days away from costume designing Measure for Measure. Which is difficult for me, but my intrepid assistant and I worked our butts off last week to get things in a good place so I could leave New Haven without too much anxiety. I squeezed a little shopping in here and there on Friday and Saturday, and thrifted my way back from New York on Sunday.

I found some shoes for the ladies in my show. The shoes came from Savers on Long Island and the boots from the Westport Goodwill. The boots were $20 which is a little steep, even for BCBG's, but they are bronze, and so steam punky, I couldn't resist.

Thrifting has proved to be a great resource for the accessories in this show. I think that's what's really going to make or break the steam punk look. Belts at retail prices would quickly deplete my budget. Fortunately the thrifts have been good to me. I got this belt and these suspenders at the LI Savers for $2 each.

The Observationalist spotted these pleather bow belts at H&M with his eagle eye. They are not second hand but at $1 each, oh so thrifty.

The LI Savers also bequeathed this fabulous scarf to me for $5. It's silk and has a fabulous burnout print. Undoubtedly it will become a skirt/bustle for a bawd.

I love how thrifting helps me stretch my costume design budget. As an added bonus I found 5 new Thrifts of Terror to share with you. I'm linking up with Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.


  1. I love that scarf. I guess I'm bawdier than I realized. :) And I have to say that your Thrifts of Terror provide me with lots of laughs. Good God, who originally bought some of that stuff...and why? LOL

  2. Love those shoes and that scarf!

    E :)