Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thrifty Costume Design Part VI: Opening Night!

Another openin' another show...

8:50 am: I overslept. Even though I still have tons of stuff to do, I am just that tired that I slept through  my 8am alarm.

10:00 am: I am supposed to meet Becky, my assistant, at the Rep to work on notes and do laundry. At this point I am still in my apartment trying to get out the door. I leave 15 minutes later, having showered but not eaten breakfast, nor prepared any food for the day. (Anyone who knows me will know this is not how I usually roll.)

10:30 am: I pull into the parking garage and think "Is FroYo World open yet?" and "Would this be the worst breakfast idea ever? "

10:40 am: Becky suggests Atticus for breakfast. I say "Hell, yes!" We each order the Atticus Complete Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of applewood smoked bacon, and 2 pieces of cranberry pecan toast. I eat all the toast as Becky is gluten intolerant and I'm already on the train to Stress Town and have no idea when I'll have time to eat again.

11:30 am-3:30 pm: I spend doing laundry from the previous night and distressing a couple of costumes. Distressing means taking perfectly good clothes and making them look like crap. In this case, I'm making it look like one character has been in jail for several years. It was especially heartbreaking this time as I had to spray dye onto a really nice mens vintage thermal shirt. But C'est la Vie! The things we do for art...

While I was distressing, Becky tackled some sewing notes.

3:30 pm: I head off to the train station to pick up a friend while Becky goes home to pick up a few things before we meet back up at the park. I swear no matter how hard I work and how much I prepare, I'm always working on the show until the last minute.

4:30 pm: Finally, some Steampunk goggle action.

5:30 pm: Becky makes some kitty ears for the prostitutes.

6:00 pm: A certain Vinyl Whore helps with shoe polishing and ironing:

7:15 pm : Dinner with Garth in front of the stage.

8:00 Curtain!

10:30 pm: Opening night party at The Director's house with Champagne and a giant spread of Italian food. It gets no better.

Our Opening Night was a great show with a wonderful audience. Now, life is about just running the show and playing catch up. (What do you mean I'm almost out of paper towels and toilet paper? Jeez...) While I will be back to my regular assorted blog posts, I will still be occasionally posting about Measure for Measure until Labor Day when we close.  After all I still need to show you where we landed with Mariana's costume.


  1. More, more! Love the hats and can't wait to see what else you've done.

  2. Sounds like the show got off to a great start. I've loved these posts and look forward to more.