Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n:Green Bean and Egg Salad

I cannot believe it is August already! Summer goals? Pfffft. But I can still manage to cook for myself so I took the Cooking Calendar's advice on Supper for a Hot Summer Day and made Green Bean and Egg Salad. Sounds like a kitschy vintage recipe doesn't it? Well, it's really just egg salad served over green beans, but it's got a 60's quirk to it. 

I've had both green and yellow wax beans in the CSA box the past two weeks. My usual go to green bean recipe is olive oil, garlic and slivered almonds so I was looking forward to mixing it up.

Oh look, there they are cooking in my first piece of Pyrex Flameware I got at Savers last week. I just blanched the beans. I knew I'd be eating this for a couple days and didn't want the leftovers to get soggy.

Chopped onion-also from the CSA. This is the first time I've ever gotten them direct from the farm. They were pretty pungent at first, but that faded. Fresh onions taste so much better! Though these will never compare to my favorites: Walla Walla Sweets.

I mixed the beans with the onion, salt, pepper, oil and red wine vinegar.

Then it was time to cook the bacon. Mmmm....bacon. (Meanwhile the eggs were hard boiling on another burner.)

I chopped the bacon and added it to the beans.

Onward to the egg salad, you know how this goes. Chop the eggs.

Add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Vinegar?! Who puts vinegar in their egg salad? Have I been missing something for the last 34 years? Should I put vinegar in the egg salad?! Is this a thing?

I just couldn't bring myself to add vinegar, so I used a Dijon mustard from Trader Joe's. It's plenty tangy, thanks.

I'll admit the egg salad combined with the green beans and onions made me nervous, but it's really good. It really is a great hot weather meal. Vintage Kitsch'n success!

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  1. I never would have thought of that combination in a million years, but it really does look good!