Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Miss Piggy Would NOT Approve.

In honor of Jim Henson's 75th Birthday this weekend.
God forbid Miss Piggy ever saw this mug.

"Moi would never wear those false eyelashes.
Or that hat.
Moi would only wear white pearls."

"And why the hell are my ears green?"

Seen at Helping Hands New Haven, CT
I jut realized this was supposed to go up over the weekend.
Blogger glitch!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Pyrex, Wert, and Some Handbags

I'm still working through sharing my finds from last weekend's spectacular thrift haul. In addition to the charity sales I attended, I managed to swing by a couple Goodwill's

So, check this out. It's an enamel saucepan who's interior and handles have  seen better days, but I think I can give it a decent refurb. But look at the pattern. Very Pyrex Spring Blossom. No?

In fact it is remarkably similar to the Carafe which according to Corelle Corner is called green Floral and associated with Verde.

Anyway, despite it's flaws, for $5 I had to have it in my collection. Though I did debate long and hard. It is in sad shape, but since I can't even find another photo of this piece on the Internet, I think I made the right call.

In addition to the pot there was also a Spring Blossom 1 1/2 pint mixing bowl.

And a light green Verde 1 1/2pt mixing bowl, both were $1 each.

Hamden seems to be the place where I find the Wert items. This time it was a pair of trivet tiles, both were $1.

I love the imprint in the cork on the back:

At the New Haven Goodwill on Foxon I had great luck in the handbag department.

I found this leather purse for $7 which will be a good substitution for my Mini Timbuk2 Messenger that I use as a purse. I've been looking for something a bit less utilitarian to use for fancier dress occasions.

But speaking of Timbuk2, I spotted this medium sized messenger bag on another rack. It was only $8!!! These bags go for $120.00 minimum.

Hmmm, I don't think I will be bothering to pluck out the embroidery on this one. It will make a great carry-on bag anyway and I would never spend the full retail price on one.

Thanks for stopping by for another Thrift Share Monday!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Caucasian Eggplant Caviar

From: BHG American Heritage Cook Book1975
Recipe: Caucasian Eggplant Caviar

I've been working on a Russian play called Three Sisters for the past two weeks, so I've got Old World Russia on the brain. I've also got eggplant coming out of my ears, so this recipe is a perfect combo for my life right now.

The BHG American Heritage cookbook has a few chapters devoted to the food that Immigrants eat and their influence on American food.  According to the BHG, Caucasian Eggplant Caviar is a substitute for real caviar, which would be beyond the salary of a poor Immigrant. These days it would be beyond the salary of most of America.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want. (Substitutions and changes)
Boiled Eggplant? Oh, no. The instruction of boiling anything vegetable is a cornerstone of what is wrong with the American food system today. Who wants to eat that? Nobody. I sliced it into 1/4" thick rounds and baked it for 30 minutes.
Finely chopped = food processor.

Kitchen Wares:

Square Flowers Bowl

Verdict: Blue Ribbon, for creative use of a vegetable that does not taste like said vegetable.

I have no idea if this actually tastes like caviar, having never eaten it myself. In my house growing up, fish eggs were for bait. This recipe is tasy on crackers and toast and as a sandwich filler with hummus. It makes a lot for one person, if you haven't guessed. I froze half of it, and that will be called "sauce" when it has thawed.

I hope you've enjoyed the new and improved Vintage Kitsch'n. I picked up more books at the thrifts today, so there are plenty more recipes to come.

Vintage Kitsch'n Reboot

My blogiversary is on the horizon, so I've been spending some time thinking about my posts and features and working on improvements. One change will be a reboot of the Vintage Kitsch'n.

While I've always loved the theory of my VK posts, the results have not always been my best work. After a little Internet research and looking at some similar blog posts I've settled on a new format. It's more succinct, there will be more images of cool vintage kitchen wares, (less images of chopped vegetables) and of course be even cheekier in tone. Because let's face facts, Martha Stewart I am not, and my kitchen is always on the verge of disaster.

Thanks to Kitsch and Retro, Parsimonia, and The Blogess for the much needed inspiration. A new post featuring Russian Eggplant Caviar will be up later today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

It's great to be back in the regular Thrift Share groove. I knew I would definitely be heading out to "Sunday in the Park" Edgerton Park's annual fundraiser. It's mostly an English style country fair for the kids. But there is a White Elephant tag sale, a silent auction, and a book sale, which all appeal to me.

First I hit up the book sale which was in the greenhouse. I got this American Heritage Needlework "Book" for $2. It's actually a paperboard box in a slip cover with booklets of patterns and instructions.

It's actually a paperboard box in a slip cover with booklets of patterns and instructions.

At the white elephant sale, which was in the Carriage House, I didn't see anything right away. I found this small whisk for 25 cents. They are always handy to have around for making eggs and such.

Then I was about to leave and spied this:

A Pyrex Flameware coffee percolator. For $2. It's still surreal to me I found a Pyrex piece I have been coveting in a place that is so near and dear to me. This coffee pot will stay with me until I die. I enjoyed some coffee in it this morning.

Before I headed over to Edgerton, I took a trip out to Milford to a rummage sale at Temple Sinai. Of course a Temple Sale would be on a Sunday-how convenient for me! I found a lot of good stuff there.

More Pyrex, a Dandelion divided dish for $2.50.

This weird Veritool from Regent Sheffield for $4. It's new in the box and it does so many things. And there are star bursts.

Hmmm, where's the little icon for "Cleans my Kitchen?"

I spotted this neat little Tensor lamp buried in a pile of electronics. An older gentleman working the sale helped me dig it out and seemed really surprised that I wanted it. For $2 it was mine.

I decided to take a quick pass through the records and see if there was anything for the Vinyl Whores. Indeed there were 6 Bette Midler albums in perfect condition. I know they probably have most of these but I figured at 50 cents each it was worth it. And really, I don't think they can have enough Bette.

My favorite item from this sale though is this hand hooked Mod shag rug. It's acrylic, but that's OK because of course the cats have taken a liking to it and it will soon be covered with hair. (And vomit, no doubt.)

I paid $2. Tonks approves.

Now I've saved the best find for last. On Thursday I scooted over to the Salvation Army that is a couple  blocks away from my office. I don't get there too often because of my hours vs their hours-they don't always jibe. Anyway I had a half hour to spare and I needed some sort of ceramic dish to clean a fake moustache in. Yes I'm aware how weird that sounds but sometimes you just need to soak your moustache. (In a Prudential Tower ashtray.)

Anyway, I decided to breeze through their furniture room to see if there was oh, maybe a turquoise couch or something. No luck there but they did have this:

Isn't it pretty?  My very own telephone table. I dragged it up to the counter immediately, paid $35 for it and then hauled it to the car. Now it just waits for me to rearrange my entry way.

I'm linking this weeks spectacular haul up with Thrift Share Monday

Also if you enjoy Thrift Share Mondays you should have a look at Sir Thrift A Lot's WTF Tuesdays where we link up the scary stuff we find but don't take home. My contribution is my Thrifts of Terror post I put up on the weekends. This week's post is about some Merry Mushroom canisters gone wrong. Check it out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Live

I'm out and about on my day off and making a pretty good thrift haul. I just spied these at the Hamden, CT Goodwill.

I guess if you can't afford a set of Merry Mushroom canisters, you should just make your own. Or maybe the original colors just didn't cut it.

Edited to add...
I'll be linking up to Sir Thrift A Lot's 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n: Vegetables and Meat Balls Italiano

When you have a lot of tomatoes, eggplant, and green peppers you find yourself cooking a lot of Italian recipes. This Italian selection is from the trusty Cooking Calendar. It's nice to be utilizing the September chapter to it's fullest.

Instead of following the recipe to "Make spicy meatballs." I totally cheated and bought meatballs at Trader Joe's. In a stab to make this dish healthier, I bought turkey meatballs.

After the meatballs thawed overnight, I started on the sauce. Again, in an attempt to be healthy, I substituted olive oil for the butter. I also forgot to buy celery-so I omitted that. I didn't have time to look for "spaghetti sauce mix" so I had to improvise. Looks like this recipe is shaping up to be nothing like it should-oops! A friend once told me that all recipes were just an outline anyway, and that they all have room for some improvisation.

Anyway I sautéed the onions. Added garlic, added the tomato paste, water and tossed in oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Who knew sauce could be so easy?

Then I chopped all my veggies and tossed them in my large stock pot.

I cooked them in olive oil until limp(-ish, always best to err on the side of undercooked with veggies. Especially since I know I'll be reheating this for dinner.) Then added the sauce and the cheese.

At this point I'm thinking "Wow that's a lot of food." so I decided to freeze half of it. I froze the veggie mixture sans meat as refreezing the meatballs is not a great idea. It's easy enough to add them later.

I added the meatballs to the remainder of the mixture and packed it into some Pyrex storage containers to take to work. I love these glass containers because I can just reheat the meal in it directly without having to worry about plastic in my food.

I had this for dinner with brown rice on the side. I hate pasta and red sauce unless it's fresh pasta, so the noodle part of the recipe got omitted too. It turned out really well and I am excited for the leftovers tonight!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

As promised, it's Thursday! Time for a tray update. These are the trays my Mom sent me for my birthday.

As I've said before: I will take any Oregon tray, any time, any place. So I've decided to take this duplicate Oregon centennial tray to my office at Yale.

Finally I have a Hawaii! I have one spot in the kitchen above the door to the living room that fits two trays perfectly. I have had Alaska there for some time and Mexico has been a place holder for Hawaii. Mom got this at a Garage sale in Vancouver, WA

Finally, we get to the Nashco. Mom found this Ohio tray at an Estate Sale in Vancouver, WA. It's in great condition.

I had no idea that there was a Coney Island in Ohio too.

The Ohio state flower, a scarlet carnation.

Now I just need to get to Joann Fabrics to get more plate hangers. (For whatever reason, they have the best price on the 10-14" hangers.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrift Share Birthday

Saturday was my birthday. I spent 12 hours of it at work. Big surprise right? Anyway I was lucky enough to receive a package from my mother earlier in the week with all sorts of thrifted vintage gifts.

OK so first-there were trays. But I'm saving them for Thursday for a new Tray Update post. But I will give you a teaser, one of them is

A Nashco! And it's a beaut!

Mom knows my love for bar ware so she got me these blown glass flamingo swizzle sticks. They now live in my vintage Florida glass.

I also received this little condiment pick set. The picks have different images for olives, cherries, onions, and lemon. They all live in a little ceramic lemon.

She also sent along this dress. Not vintage, but definitely has a vintage feel and the pattern is very Marimekkoesque.

Of course there is Pyrex! 2 Spring Blossom mugs:

Another yellow fridgie:

And this bowl. I have 4 of these in red and I have seen them in yellow, but never in white.

It's not a dishwashered bowl either because the finish is too shiny for that.

My favorite thing is this amazing vintage Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Cookbook. It's got a history of food in America, with vintage and "modern" recipes. (Modern being 1975. It's only a year older than me!) This is the slipcase.

It has a printed cover like most cookbooks of the 70's.

The Modern Family:

The caption reads: "Americans use foods made possible by improved farming, transportation, and processing at every meal." Boy do we ever! A little too much if you ask me.  Anyway, I love how the modern recipes are things like "Macaroni and Cheese" and "Fried Chicken" "Perfect White Bread" and "Best Tomato Catsup". You can definitely expect more posts about this cookbook in the future.

Thanks to Mom for the fabulous presents!

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