Thursday, September 8, 2011

Couch Quest Update

Nothing new on the couch front. I haven't had time to have much of a look locally. I did set up a couple Craigslist feeds for the nearby area. Here are some highlights:

Tiger Print sectional! Hilarious! Brilliant! But for $1200, it's too rich for my blood*, even if I had room for it.

Now this mid century sofa with attached end tables is more my style. $1750? A little pricey, but it's ah-mazing! But why are they always whiiiiite!

A big concern in buying vintage furniture is always fabric condition. But there is no need to worry if it's been encased in plastic since the 60's! $1800-but it comes with a matching chair and loveseat. I'd say that's a pretty fair deal for a time capsule set. Still, it's not my style and again with the white!

*I just want to point out, I refrained from making a Charlie Sheen joke.


  1. omg I just had a flashback of visiting a friends house when I was a kid. The chairs in the sitting room were covered in plastic, we were not allowed in there. and there was a collection of souless teddy bears staring at you with there button eyes... it was horribly creepy.

  2. Wish you were here...We just sold a super-cool sofa with built-in end tables for $650. It was brown with white Formica end tables...very George Nelson-looking. The thing was 10' long!

  3. I looove the tiger one! However, I can't even imagine a lifestyle in which I could keep up a white sofa.

  4. Sent ya a bunch of craigslist leads via the "email this posting to a friend" links. Hope they didn't just all go to your spam. If ya didn't get them check the spam. Hope ya find the perfect one! It can be frustrating.

  5. Thank you Mr. Modtomic! I did get the the listings. The search would be less depressing if the hole in my pocket was not so deep at the moment. Fortunately, I am a patient girl.
    I wish I could get to that Estate Sale in Westport! It seems like they have lots of cool stuff. Unfortunately I have to work both Friday and Sat this week.

  6. I love that tiger print couch! White...I couldn't do it either. My mod couch is a shade that doesn't show stains, thank goodness!

    Good luck on your hunt, you'll find the right one for you with persistence.