Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrift Share Birthday

Saturday was my birthday. I spent 12 hours of it at work. Big surprise right? Anyway I was lucky enough to receive a package from my mother earlier in the week with all sorts of thrifted vintage gifts.

OK so first-there were trays. But I'm saving them for Thursday for a new Tray Update post. But I will give you a teaser, one of them is

A Nashco! And it's a beaut!

Mom knows my love for bar ware so she got me these blown glass flamingo swizzle sticks. They now live in my vintage Florida glass.

I also received this little condiment pick set. The picks have different images for olives, cherries, onions, and lemon. They all live in a little ceramic lemon.

She also sent along this dress. Not vintage, but definitely has a vintage feel and the pattern is very Marimekkoesque.

Of course there is Pyrex! 2 Spring Blossom mugs:

Another yellow fridgie:

And this bowl. I have 4 of these in red and I have seen them in yellow, but never in white.

It's not a dishwashered bowl either because the finish is too shiny for that.

My favorite thing is this amazing vintage Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Cookbook. It's got a history of food in America, with vintage and "modern" recipes. (Modern being 1975. It's only a year older than me!) This is the slipcase.

It has a printed cover like most cookbooks of the 70's.

The Modern Family:

The caption reads: "Americans use foods made possible by improved farming, transportation, and processing at every meal." Boy do we ever! A little too much if you ask me.  Anyway, I love how the modern recipes are things like "Macaroni and Cheese" and "Fried Chicken" "Perfect White Bread" and "Best Tomato Catsup". You can definitely expect more posts about this cookbook in the future.

Thanks to Mom for the fabulous presents!

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  1. A belated happy birthday! I love all your birthday goodies, but I especially am green with envy over the little condiment picks and holder. Those are the cutest little things ever!

  2. Thanks Dana! They are cute, I really like the variety of garnish choices.

  3. The flamingo swizzle sticks are just too cute! I just love them.

  4. Love those old cookbooks - and all the useful descriptions... Nice condiment set too!

  5. What gorgeous goodies! I love the swizzle sticks and the condiment set.

    E :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see your update on Thursday of your "new" state trays. You got quite the haul! How cool!

  7. I have that dress! I bought it from Penneys in a plus size. I love it.