Monday, September 19, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

It's great to be back in the regular Thrift Share groove. I knew I would definitely be heading out to "Sunday in the Park" Edgerton Park's annual fundraiser. It's mostly an English style country fair for the kids. But there is a White Elephant tag sale, a silent auction, and a book sale, which all appeal to me.

First I hit up the book sale which was in the greenhouse. I got this American Heritage Needlework "Book" for $2. It's actually a paperboard box in a slip cover with booklets of patterns and instructions.

It's actually a paperboard box in a slip cover with booklets of patterns and instructions.

At the white elephant sale, which was in the Carriage House, I didn't see anything right away. I found this small whisk for 25 cents. They are always handy to have around for making eggs and such.

Then I was about to leave and spied this:

A Pyrex Flameware coffee percolator. For $2. It's still surreal to me I found a Pyrex piece I have been coveting in a place that is so near and dear to me. This coffee pot will stay with me until I die. I enjoyed some coffee in it this morning.

Before I headed over to Edgerton, I took a trip out to Milford to a rummage sale at Temple Sinai. Of course a Temple Sale would be on a Sunday-how convenient for me! I found a lot of good stuff there.

More Pyrex, a Dandelion divided dish for $2.50.

This weird Veritool from Regent Sheffield for $4. It's new in the box and it does so many things. And there are star bursts.

Hmmm, where's the little icon for "Cleans my Kitchen?"

I spotted this neat little Tensor lamp buried in a pile of electronics. An older gentleman working the sale helped me dig it out and seemed really surprised that I wanted it. For $2 it was mine.

I decided to take a quick pass through the records and see if there was anything for the Vinyl Whores. Indeed there were 6 Bette Midler albums in perfect condition. I know they probably have most of these but I figured at 50 cents each it was worth it. And really, I don't think they can have enough Bette.

My favorite item from this sale though is this hand hooked Mod shag rug. It's acrylic, but that's OK because of course the cats have taken a liking to it and it will soon be covered with hair. (And vomit, no doubt.)

I paid $2. Tonks approves.

Now I've saved the best find for last. On Thursday I scooted over to the Salvation Army that is a couple  blocks away from my office. I don't get there too often because of my hours vs their hours-they don't always jibe. Anyway I had a half hour to spare and I needed some sort of ceramic dish to clean a fake moustache in. Yes I'm aware how weird that sounds but sometimes you just need to soak your moustache. (In a Prudential Tower ashtray.)

Anyway, I decided to breeze through their furniture room to see if there was oh, maybe a turquoise couch or something. No luck there but they did have this:

Isn't it pretty?  My very own telephone table. I dragged it up to the counter immediately, paid $35 for it and then hauled it to the car. Now it just waits for me to rearrange my entry way.

I'm linking this weeks spectacular haul up with Thrift Share Monday

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  1. Wow~ Love that telephone table. I have one in wood but this is so pretty! Good finds.

  2. Ahhhhh!!! I love your telephone table. I also love you Dandelion Pyrex. I haven't seen that pattern yet and now I want one. :-)

  3. You found some really cool things! I love the telephone table and the rug, but the thing that really fascinates me is the Varitool. I want one! (The moustache soaker IS weird, but it made me laugh.)