Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Miss Piggy Would NOT Approve.

In honor of Jim Henson's 75th Birthday this weekend.
God forbid Miss Piggy ever saw this mug.

"Moi would never wear those false eyelashes.
Or that hat.
Moi would only wear white pearls."

"And why the hell are my ears green?"

Seen at Helping Hands New Haven, CT
I jut realized this was supposed to go up over the weekend.
Blogger glitch!


  1. what was the price on that? lol

  2. Well, maybe her eyes were supposed to be green and the color migrated? What were they thinking is right!

  3. It seems like a do-it-yourself ceramic mug and the creator got creative!

  4. Oh, that's not pretty. At all. Miss Piggy would definitely have grounds for a lawsuit, if for no other reason than the green ears. WTF?

  5. I can only assume the green ears are some tribute to Kermit. Maybe this is in fact their love child.

  6. I think your Thrifts of Terror are hi-larious.