Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Tray Update

As promised, it's Thursday! Time for a tray update. These are the trays my Mom sent me for my birthday.

As I've said before: I will take any Oregon tray, any time, any place. So I've decided to take this duplicate Oregon centennial tray to my office at Yale.

Finally I have a Hawaii! I have one spot in the kitchen above the door to the living room that fits two trays perfectly. I have had Alaska there for some time and Mexico has been a place holder for Hawaii. Mom got this at a Garage sale in Vancouver, WA

Finally, we get to the Nashco. Mom found this Ohio tray at an Estate Sale in Vancouver, WA. It's in great condition.

I had no idea that there was a Coney Island in Ohio too.

The Ohio state flower, a scarlet carnation.

Now I just need to get to Joann Fabrics to get more plate hangers. (For whatever reason, they have the best price on the 10-14" hangers.)


  1. Beautiful detailing on all three. And who knew about any island in Ohio, Coney or otherwise? :)

  2. Very cool. I have picked up a few of these recently and am interested in how you display yours. Do you have pictures somewhere?

  3. I love the Oregon centennial tray! My hubby hales from there. I recently found (and purchased) an Oregon version but now I have something else to set my sights on. Thanks for sharing!