Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n Reboot

My blogiversary is on the horizon, so I've been spending some time thinking about my posts and features and working on improvements. One change will be a reboot of the Vintage Kitsch'n.

While I've always loved the theory of my VK posts, the results have not always been my best work. After a little Internet research and looking at some similar blog posts I've settled on a new format. It's more succinct, there will be more images of cool vintage kitchen wares, (less images of chopped vegetables) and of course be even cheekier in tone. Because let's face facts, Martha Stewart I am not, and my kitchen is always on the verge of disaster.

Thanks to Kitsch and Retro, Parsimonia, and The Blogess for the much needed inspiration. A new post featuring Russian Eggplant Caviar will be up later today.