Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: MVP's

November 2nd will be the 1 Year Anniversary of Vintage Spinster! I decided the best way to celebrate today would be to share my Top 5 Thrift Shares of the past year. And let's face it, I haven't been to the Thrifts this week because of all the Halloween madness. I was going to pick my personal Top 5 Favorite Thrift Shares, but it's like Sophie's Choice-they are all my favorites. So I let my Blogger stats do the choosing for me.

A glimpse into how I use thrifting in my life as a costume designer.

MVP Item: The Liz Lange Maternity wrap dress for $4.99. It was an integral part of the opening of the show and for $5 barely made a dent in the budget.

I'm not sure why exactly this post has so many views. I'm betting it's the mention of the now defunct Faribault Woolen Mills and the Faribo blanket.

MVP Item: Farbio wool staduim blanket from the 1960's. I love a plaid wool blanket. Vintage is even better!

This post is not technically a Thrift Share. It is a post about my trip to the Infinite Variety Quilt Show  in New York at the American Folk Art Museum last March. Though, the woman who acquired 650 red and white quilts probably acquired more than a few of them by thrifty means. So technically, it's somebody else's Thrift Share on a really grand scale! If you would like to see more photos of the quilt show you can check them out on the Vintage Spinster Facebook Page.

MVP Item: This quilt which is made of bleached feed sacks and the images are restored by red embroidery.

#2 MVP Post: Items of Use
Not one, but two vintage DeVilbiss humidifiers in one day. I love a humidifier. I have sinus problems.

MVP Item: Tie-DeVilbiss 145 with all the trappings and the DeVilbiss All-Night for the fancy printing on the glass.

In which I take a trip to New Jersey with my friend Jeanne and the Vinyl Whores.

MVP Item: Gemco Spring Blossom cream and sugar set. More items to add to my expansive Spring Blossom collection.

Be sure to stop by the blog on Wednesday November 2nd for my Vintage Kitsch'n giveaway! More details about the items and how to win will be in Wednesday's Post.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Jeez Nerds, where did October go? All in all, it was pretty great. I feel like I made lots of progress in all aspects of my life not just with Project Finish What You Started and the ReSelling Challenge. I'm finally making it to the gym on a regular basis and have (finally) dropped a pant size because of it. I feel like I'm in a good balanced place with cooking, cleaning, and eating out. I had (and still have) tons of family and social events to go to this month. So while I may not have hit my original ReSelling Goals, I don't feel like I failed in any way.

Project Finish What You Started:

All other projects have been sidelined this week for progress on the Top Secret Baby Quilt. Which now only is in need of quilting 4 more squares, a binding around the edge, and then that bitch is done! I'll finish Monday and hopefully have a post up with more detail on Tuesday. Even though this was the only "project" I worked on all week. I did manage to keep my apartment pretty clean, which is a small miracle.

Projects completed to date: 6+

ReSelling Challenge:

I made one more sale this week and I have 20 eBay auctions up now. I also filed the quarterly taxes with the State. Even though I technically have until Tuesday to evaluate my progress on the ReSelling Challenge, I am done. Why? I've got a lot of socializing to do over Halloween weekend, and dammit-that's important too. (My friends and colleagues have a tendency to schedule all of their projects at the same time, bless them.)

Money Made to Date: No real clue.
Items sold: Not 100% sure. Because the stuff from the Vintage Fashion Expo is still in my car. (Which is probably the main reason why my apartment stayed clean.) 

So what have we learned over the past month? That there is nothing wrong with working at your own pace and making slow, but steady progress. (This is huge progress for me and my Type A personality.)  In looking over my progress for the last week/month on Thursday evening, I had a brief moment of panic. "OMG I haven't done anything this week. ANYTHING!" and then I thought: "F*ck it." You know what? I'm just never going to have the time to have 100's of items up on eBay and Etsy. I just have to squeeze it in when I can and worry about moving the inventory out of my life. Like I said, I will probably stick with the 50 free listings at one time for now. If I find at some point I can go beyond that, great. If not, good enough. If anything has come of this month, I am done being hard on myself.

So what's in store for next month? November 2nd will be the anniversary of Vintage Spinster and the upcoming week's posts will be spent celebrating that. I will probably spend some time planning some improvements and refinements to the blog over the course of the month. As for ReSelling, I'm just going to "keep on keepin' on" as Gladys Knight and the Pips like to say. I also need to spend the month reworking my ReSelling financial organizing system. It is a Big. Hot. Mess. Projects around the house will include: cleaning the basement, so I can get to the Christmas decorations at the end of the month, and clearing out a pile of crap that has been in my front hall closet for months. (These things are also of the big hot mess variety.)

Verdict: October for the win!

Thrifts of Terror: Terrific

This just speaks for itself.
And it sparkles.

Seen at the Orange Goodwill

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Quick and Dirty

I bought a Totem Pole!!! $40 at the English Market. I love it and it's nice to have a grail item off the list.

Remember last week when I shared all my fabulous new black clothes? I found the perfect black velvet jacket to wear with them! $7.99 at Savers. Just in time for an opening night celebration this Thursday.

Also Savers had this little guy for $.99. He's terrifying. I love him.

Sometimes those Thrifts of Terror just need to come home to stay. Later, Nerds.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Project Finish What You Started:

Guess who buys used clothes that need a quick fix with the intention of repairing and wearing them? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.
This week I went through my alterations pile. I eliminated the items that I really couldn't make work, and I repaired and altered the rest. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done!

Vintage Hawaiian dress
went from maxi length to knee length.

A sack of a shirtdress gets some shape
with a few strategically placed darts.

I clipped the tight arm band and serged the edges.
I dyed my Shakespeare shirt olive green.
I put some quick darts in the waistband of a skirt.

The giant pile of papers and old bills that lives next to my desk? Sorted, filed, and shredded as necessary.

As for the Top Secret Baby Gift. I am rolling right along. I'll give you a small clue, it's a quilt. I managed to finish piecing the top and basted it with safety pins.  I will do the actual machine quilting next week and my new goal is to have it done by Halloween.

Projects Completed to Date:  6

ReSelling Challenge:

I managed to get 24 of auctions up on eBay and already sold two items.  The eBay app on the iPhone sure does make listing fast and easy. And I love that when an item is sold, the phone alerts me with a little 'ca-ching" noise. Is that the sound of money being made? Oh yes, it is!

I'm revising my goal for the end of the month.  I am just going to stick with their free limit of 50 items with about 25 being books. For me, just  keeping 50 items listed at all times will be enough. On top of that I will try to get 10 items into the Etsy shop.  I'm one third of the way on my monetary goal and almost half way to my listing goal. Only one more week and time is flying by!

Money Made to Date: $34.49

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: A Gift From Anton

At first, I just saw the chandelier of this painting from behind another frame.
I thought, "Sweet! A Mid-century painting!"
Oh no, not even close.
Anton painted this in 1998.
I assume it was a wedding gift.

It's so terrible, it's fabulous.

Seen at the New Haven, CT Goodwill.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n: It's Official, I'm Having a NewCollection

Today's Vintage Kitsch'n is all about the source material. I have become totally enamored of the Betty Crocker spiral bound cookbooks. It all started with my favorite little vintage cookbook, The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar.

Well, to get technical it started in childhood with the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. (Mom still has the spiral bound copy, I might need to trade it back on my next visit!)

Then I picked up All Time Favorites...

...and Good and Easy Recipes. (The title always makes me snicker.)

Please enlarge and read. It is exactly the reason
why the American food system is the way it is.

The latest is the Pie and Pastry Cookbook.

What is that sauce on the ice cream?

I love the graphics on the inside back cover for your daily nutrition:

Note the P.S.-can we say "agenda"

And look at the list of other cookbooks that are out there:

It's always exciting to find a new collection of things to hunt for. I like how just looking for the Betty Crocker spiral bound ones will limit my purchases too. In fact I jumped the gun and checked out eBay for what other BC Cookbooks might be out there. I put a bid on this lot that includes the Cooking Calendar, The Outdoor Cookbook and the Hostess Book, all for $10.00!

Why do I need another Cooking Calendar? So I can add it to my upcoming giveaway! I'm planning my blogiversary and will be putting together a Vintage Kitsch'n prize, and I really want the Cooking Calendar to be a part of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Couch Quest Continues

The ladies at Oh So Lovely have created a guide for 5 Essential Pieces for Creating Your Own Mid-Century Living Room. Let's put my living room to the test, shall we?

1. Wooden Art for the Wall.
Not yet, but I just bought a big ceramic totem pole! That counts right?

2. A Kitschy Lamp.
Or two.

3. An Amazing Vintage Sofa.
Not yet! But I am not afraid of color, I am afraid of WHITE!
Again with the fabulous white couches at Helping Hands. This one was $105, and already sold.

And I came home last month to find this next to the dumpster at my apartment building.


4. A Coffee Table.
Not kidney, nor boomerang, but amoeba. Yes, Amoeba.

5. A Retro Bullet Planter
Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. I don't do well with plants, they usually die from neglect. I have one Christmas Cactus in my bathroom that I haven't killed yet. Mainly because no matter how busy I am, I always use the bathroom, and I can usually find a second to stick the cactus under the faucet. I am using a Pyrex bowl as a planter though. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Trees

One of my completed projects from last week was framing this little tree patch. It belonged to my Grandfather. He was part of the 91st Infantry in Italy in World War II. This is the patch from his uniform. He gave it to me when I visited him last summer.

I knew I needed to frame it. It's small and I was so afraid it would get lost. I spent months looking for a small oval frame. Instead, I found this one at Helping Hands a couple weeks ago for 50 cents. It's vintage and the curved glass is a pefect fit for the patch.

The tree looked plain against a neutral background so I backed it with a small piece of plaid vintage wool.

I hung it on my Oregon wall. Which is funny, because the Infantry Division was reactivated in Oregon in 1942 at Camp White and my Grandfather has never even been to Oregon. He was assigned as a replacement once the Division was already in Europe.

I'm so proud to have this little piece of family and American history in my living room.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Back in Black

For my job backstage at a Regional Theater, I am required to wear black clothing. The better for the audience not to see me. Because of the physical nature of the job, I usually gravitate to jeans and t-shirts. Lately, I've been trying to inject some sense of style into my wardrobe. This weekend I really upped the ante on my "blacks."

First I bought this vintage black knit dress for $10 at a local Vintage Fashion Expo. It fits like a dream and it's perfect for layering. I love, love, love it!

Next I took a trip to Savers and bought some disaster towels for work. You know, for disasters.

Seriously, this happened Saturday night at work. We just like to keep the towels for cleaning up messes and the towels for cleaning up people separate. This next show has tons of fake blood and water and our supply of disaster towels was dwindling. I bought 5 good size bath towels for $1.99 each. 

After loading up on towels I took a spin through clothing. I have been looking for a black cotton pencil skirt at the Thrifts for FOREVER! I was rewarded today with this beauty. Turns out it is some fancy brand from Paris called Sandoro. I'm finally trendy! For only $6!

I found two more skirts. The first is this pleated knit from Karen Scott for $4.

The second is this a-line cotton skirt from Alexandra Bartlett for $5

I usually don't care for shirt/sweater combo garments. However, this shirt from Anne Klein is so sophisticated and classy I am making an exception. It was an extravagance at $10 but it works with all of the skirts I purchased and will look good with pants and jeans. 

This $5 shirt from H&M is new and has a great structure and fit.

At the Milford Goodwill I managed to finally find fabulous vintage shoes. I don't have many occasions to wear heels, but when I do, people are going to be jealous. Oh yes they are. Especially when I tell them they were $6.

These Daniel Green Outdorables are nothing short of adorable. I can't get over how cute they are. The chunky little heel! The fringe detail! The gingham interior! Also $6.

Thanks for stopping by Thrift Share Monday. I'm linking up with Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday

If you like the Monday thrift shares with all the good stuff, you should check out WTF Tuesdays at Sir Thrift A Lot and see some of the scary things that got left behind at the thrifts. I link up my Thrifts of Terror every week, it's so much fun!

Weekend Update

Project Finish What You Started:
This week was busy, so I focused on lots of little projects that I could get done quickly. I ended up putting the Top Secret Baby Project on the back burner, but I manged to get a little bit done Saturday night at work.

I framed this little patch and hung it on the wall in the living room. More on this project later in the week.

I bought more plate hangers and got some of the new trays hung up:

I also picked up the Roseanne Afghan from the cleaners and put it back on the bed. The kitties are very happy to have it back.

Projects Completed To Date: 4

ReSelling Challenge:
I spent the week pricing and taking inventory of the items I planned to sell at the English Market's Vintage Fashion Expo. It seemed like a pretty great event. I wish I could have been there for more of it. Melissa graciously watched my table and Carol took money.

I did manage to do a little shopping on my dinner break and bough this amazing knit black dress from Melissa's booth.

Check out her Etsy shop VintAnthroModern, she's got tons of great stuff. Especially shoes! Man I wanted some of those shoes. See that long table behind my rack. All. Shoes. Sadly, for me, most of the ones I gravitated to were a 7 1/2, and I am an 8.

Money Made: $25 ($70-$45 table fee)

Next Week:
Well the next show at the Rep is easy peasy, so I will have plenty of extra time to start getting listings up and running. It's already the 15th and I'm well short of my ReSelling goal, but I am making progress! I should also be able to get a big chunk of the Top Secret Baby Project finished and since I'm not going to be in my home much next week I plan on working on my pile of clothing alterations and working on my pile of paperwork while I'm waiting between cues.