Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Couch Quest Continues

The ladies at Oh So Lovely have created a guide for 5 Essential Pieces for Creating Your Own Mid-Century Living Room. Let's put my living room to the test, shall we?

1. Wooden Art for the Wall.
Not yet, but I just bought a big ceramic totem pole! That counts right?

2. A Kitschy Lamp.
Or two.

3. An Amazing Vintage Sofa.
Not yet! But I am not afraid of color, I am afraid of WHITE!
Again with the fabulous white couches at Helping Hands. This one was $105, and already sold.

And I came home last month to find this next to the dumpster at my apartment building.


4. A Coffee Table.
Not kidney, nor boomerang, but amoeba. Yes, Amoeba.

5. A Retro Bullet Planter
Hmm, I'm not sure about this one. I don't do well with plants, they usually die from neglect. I have one Christmas Cactus in my bathroom that I haven't killed yet. Mainly because no matter how busy I am, I always use the bathroom, and I can usually find a second to stick the cactus under the faucet. I am using a Pyrex bowl as a planter though. 


  1. I am very bad at plants, but not for wont of care! I just always mess it up, but I don't know why :(

    Love the amoeba.

    No white couches without plastic covering ;)

  2. love this, so jealous of your totem pole. amazing find. now for the couch......

  3. wow. where did you get that totem pole? I'm jealous of it too. And what's up with all these white couches? Why does it seem like everyone owns one?

  4. With two dogs, I'd shy away from white too. My vintage sofa is an orangy brown with black slubs. I have a Danish coffee table, gourd-shaped lamps and a bullet planter. Guess I'd better put the wooden wall art on my list.

    I love your coffee table and lamps, and the totem pole is very cool! One of these days, the perfect sofa will appear when you least expect it.

  5. Huh I had no idea there was a checklist. All I'm missing is an amoeba coffee table....but I'm not so sure about that one.

    I would have been afraid of the white couch too...just like I don't know how people have white carpet. So weird. Don't worry the most awesome couch will come to you!

  6. I love the totem pole, too. I have been picking up totem pole stuff for the last few months. My husband even asked a local woodcarver about making me a 6 foot totem pole but I can't part with the $500 he wants although I really, really want one!