Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eggplant Acapulco

From: The Sunset Casserole Book 1975 (original publication 1965)
Recipe: Eggplant Acapulco

It's been a rather hectic week at work. it seems like every time I sit down to write this post, I have another fire to put out or a sock to find. But even with the craziness as a group we carved out time for a little potluck dinner at work. With so many fabulous recipes to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down. But of course I had an eggplant to get rid of use up. So I had a look at one of my recent vintage cook book finds, The Sunset Casserole Book.

I found this intriguing recipe for Eggplant Acapulco. Which of course made me think of the Flintstones, that fabulous Stone Age/Mid Century Modern family, and all of their goings on about Rockapulco. After reading the recipe, I realized this really isn't a Mexican dish (Which is where Acapulco is), it's really more Italian in nature. How very 60's But, as it's description suggests, it is "a good choice for a buffet dinner or potluck supper." Because of time issues I prepped the casserole the night before and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Then I popped it in the oven in the morning while I got ready for work.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want.
Boiled eggplant? Don't think so.
1/2 Pound of fresh mushrooms, sliced: Giant Portabella Mushroom caps baby!
2 cans of tomato sauce: take leftover frozen Eggplant Caviar, thaw, add water to thin, add oregano and basil, heat. You have sauce.

Kitchen Wares:
Square Flower Casserole and Primary Fridgie
Finally, an excuse to use one of the cradles!
Verdict: Blue Ribbon, it was a big hit with the cast, (As was the Pyrex) as evidenced by the 5 bites that were left that I ate for lunch the next day. Of course it's hard to go wrong with mushrooms and Romano cheese. Those ladies in the Sunset test kitchen knew what they were doing.

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