Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Challenges of the ReSelling Kind Part I

The first weekend of October I took a little jaunt up to Boston for an evening of theater and dinner with friends. As we enjoyed a fine meal and discussed this, that, and the other, the subject of my blog came up. Tam, who is quite Internet savvy especially when it comes to networking and blogs and such, asked me how many times a week I was posting. I think I responded "three or four", or maybe "two or three", either of which is correct depending on what my work schedule is like. She smiled and nodded, "Oh, so you're blogging full time!?"

"I guess?"

Which means I'm going to cut myself some slack. Oh, don't freak out, I'll be blogging as much as I normally do. The blog has always been happening for two reasons, to keep friends and family updated and to promote my (rather lame) attempts at ReSelling. But with Tam's comment I came to the sudden realization that I have been blogging full time on top of working full time hours (and then some) at a regular job. No wonder I can't get this ReSelling thing off the ground. In reality, that means I'm considering adding another full time job on top of the two I already have. Not to mention I live alone, cook all my meals for myself, work out 3 times a week, and have to clean the apartment constantly to prevent being swallowed up by the cat hair tumbleweeds. Well, that explains why I feel overwhelmed all of the time.

October 4th begins the ReSellers challenge over at Apron Thrift Girl. I am participating, but in an attempt to keep from making myself crazy I am starting with wee, small goals. Back in the day, October of 2006-March of 2007 to be exact, I sold on eBay part time. Total, I sold 34 items in those 5 months and I feel like I averaged an extra $100 a month, which made a huge difference in my life at the time. So for October 2011, 5 years later, I am going to attempt 35 items sold in one month. I figure if I list 75 items, it should be attainable. I'm not going to think about a monetary goal just yet, though if I had to put a number on it, $100.00 would be fine. I figure if I can match what I did 5 years ago, I'll feel satisfied. Then once the ball starts rolling, I can up the ante.

I've got a few new tools to make it easier than my previous false starts. I have an iPhone now, and listing books on the eBay app takes no time at all. I've figured out how to bring items to work so during down time so I can list them. (I have a really hard time writing a listing without the item right in front of me.) I'm now utilizing Dropbox for file and photo access, this way I can access everything from any computer or my phone.

And I got this postal scale. In fact, I found it at Savers this week for $3.

But I noticed it had issues. Notice the scraping on the numbers to the left? Now look to the upper right hand corner of the facing. Notice the facing has popped off the base?

For three dollars, I thought, I can fix that. And no this isn't going to be like one of my many other "projects."  I'm going to fix this like any other self-respecting theater rat would. With Gaffers tape.

Two little pieces of tape later, it's good as new.

For the challenge I'll be checking in weekly at Apron Thrift Girl, but I will spare the blog the nitty gritty details other than maybe a sentence or two on Mondays. In addition to the physical ReSelling goal this month is also a practice in balance and learning how to slowly chip away at a project, neither of which I am terribly good at. Coincidentally, Pam over at Retro Renovation, has a new Monday feature: "Finish What You Started" in an attempt to corral her overload of "projects." More on my participation in that tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm...I post daily and spend about an hour and a half (sometimes more) on each posting with shooting pics, loading them on the PC, uploading them to flickr and constructing the physical (physical? really?) posting. I don't consider that full time though. It's just a hobby. People spend much more time just lifelessly staring at their TV. Do their friends comment on their full time TV watching?

    As far as an October ReSelling challenge goes...well, I just hope it goes better than the challenges of ReSelling this past summer. Man, what a dry season that was especially compared to last summer. It's picked up considerably the last three weeks though! So I'm cautiously hopeful.

  2. It's funny, I immediately thought of you. "Oh Mr. Modtomic is the fullest of full time bloggers!" It just made me stop and think that I shouldn't be so hard on myself when I do stop and stare mindlessly at the TV for an hour.

    I think people have more of a nesting tendency before winter sets in and now we are getting to the point where all the back-to-school hoopla is over. Folks now have the time and inclination and with the Holidays coming, things should pick up for you!

  3. I think there are some of us who aren't happy unless we're juggling an incredible number of balls. It's just our nature. When I retired, I thought I'd have lots of spare time, but I seem busier than ever. I work at the store at least one day a week (and sometimes more), babysit the boys, maintain our Etsy and eBay stores, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our website, work part-time for the local school district editing and uploading curriculum/assessments and maintaining departmental websites and intranet sites...and I spend 1 1/2-2 hours a day on my blog posts. On top of that, I'm going to take an upholstery class in January and start doing most of our in-house work. Why? Because I don't know how to just sit still and watch TV, I guess...LOL