Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Challenges of the ReSelling Kind Part II

Yesterday, I posted about my revised ReSelling goals and my participation in ATG's ReSellers Challenge.  I also mentioned that Pam, over at Retro Renovation also has a new thing going where Monday is now a forum for "Finishing What You Started." And will you look at the amazing ship's wheel lighting fixture that is the subject of her first project? So freaking cool!

Of course in the midst of the millions of things I have going on, I have piles of "projects" floating around the house. Don't we all? As Dana commented on the blog yesterday "I think there are some of us who aren't happy unless we're juggling an incredible number of balls. It's just our nature." How true.

I have a new neighbor who has a little 4 door Honda Civic from the 1990's (It totally takes me back to high school and college.) Every few days he's out on the curb, fixing a different part of the car. One day he and his girlfriend put Bondo in the dents, another day he worked on the engine. Another day he took the car somewhere to test out the paint job he has planned, but just on the hood. If you just glance at the car, it looks a hot mess.  However, being as this process is happening outside my windows, I'm able to see the deliberate process this guy is making while still having a fully functional vehicle. 

Pam's post was such an affirmation of how I've been feeling these days. I'm still not sure how my life has swung from a person who used to finish everything she started (like her mother) to a person with piles of unfinished crap cluttering up her house (like her father). All I know at this point is I have to find that middle point between them or I will lose my shit. So as Pam is, I too am going to start "eating the elephant, one bite at a time" and try to get the "good energy" back into my life and home.

In an attempt to make a bit of progress I'm going to try completing one small project a week while chipping away at one big project. And hell, I'm going to totally throw caution to the wind and I'm not going to even make a list. I know, for me, that's crazy talk. But if I'm going to not just break, but shatter, the pattern I've got to start somewhere.

Project #1: I've got to get a rubber backing for the new rug.

I love the rug, the cats love the rug. The cats love to streak out of the bedroom at top speed, skid onto the rug, crash into the armchairs and generally rearrange all the furniture while I'm out of the house. (Sigh) Hence, I just need to stop at Ikea on the way to work and buy a rug pad and stitch it to the rug.

Project #2: Top Secret Baby Gift

Unfortunately it has to be a secret. The baby's mom does read the blog. This baby was  born in July.  That is how far behind I am. But I have been making steady progress at work this week, and it's allowing me to let some of my creative energy out of the bottle. I will tell you that the item is all made out of repurposed vintage stuff, so you will see the results on the blog eventually.

Stay tuned, you will see some of the projects in their various phases as that is part of the blog's purpose. I'll be checking in at Pam's monday weigh-in. Undoubtedly some of these projects will go by the wayside and that will be a big help. Some things will undoubtedly be sold in the ReSelling Challenge. There will be no Vintage Kitsch'n post this week as I have taken a break from cooking this week. The second part of my CSA starts in a couple weeks with the fall produce so likely the VK will return then. 

Later, Nerds!


  1. I LOVE that rug! And thanks for reminding me that I need to pick up a rug pad too. I'll try to get that done tomorrow.

  2. Hey there!
    You can use hot glue to make stripes on the back of your rug to make it skid free!