Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrift Share Monday 10.3.11

A couple weeks ago I spent an hour at my favorite local Thrift, Helping Hands. An hour well spent. I ended up with quite a bit of new Pyrex.

I found another 1.5 qt Flameware Saucepan. This one still has it's lid! $2.99.

There was also this one lone clear fridgie for $.59, no lid but it will be good for storage of some kind.

This Woodland serve and store was $2.99. It's in pristine condition.

I had to do some serious digging on the internet to find this peice. Mainly because the term "au gratin dish" totally escaped my brain for a good hour. It is now a $2 soap dish in my bathroom.

There is nothing on the Corelle Corner website despite these being stamped "Pyrex Tableware for Corning" I'm thinking they were part of the compatibles line for either Verde or Spring Blossom. Or maybe it was restaurant ware?

I also found quite the stash of cookbooks for $.50 each. Including 2 more Betty Crocker spiral bound cookbooks, these are fast becoming my favorite type of vintage cookbook.

The Black Hills history cookbook is kind of a riot, with things like Calamity Jane's Chicken Broth and Crying Squaw Buckwheat Cakes. So gloriously inapproriate!

As is this image from the 1980 edition of
Trader Vic's Book of Food and Drink:
Well done 1980's, well done.

On that note I'll leave you with these link ups:


  1. Nice haul! I especially like the Flameware saucepan. I remember one of those at my grandmother's house.

  2. I have a Pyrex book at home (currently i am at work) that i have seen the pyrex for corning in. I will try to remember to look for you when i get home!

  3. I just love reading cookbooks, old and new. The local cookbooks are a lot of fun. I splurged and bought a new copy of a cookbook put out by our local women's club (while I was shopping at their annual yard sale).