Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: MVP's

November 2nd will be the 1 Year Anniversary of Vintage Spinster! I decided the best way to celebrate today would be to share my Top 5 Thrift Shares of the past year. And let's face it, I haven't been to the Thrifts this week because of all the Halloween madness. I was going to pick my personal Top 5 Favorite Thrift Shares, but it's like Sophie's Choice-they are all my favorites. So I let my Blogger stats do the choosing for me.

A glimpse into how I use thrifting in my life as a costume designer.

MVP Item: The Liz Lange Maternity wrap dress for $4.99. It was an integral part of the opening of the show and for $5 barely made a dent in the budget.

I'm not sure why exactly this post has so many views. I'm betting it's the mention of the now defunct Faribault Woolen Mills and the Faribo blanket.

MVP Item: Farbio wool staduim blanket from the 1960's. I love a plaid wool blanket. Vintage is even better!

This post is not technically a Thrift Share. It is a post about my trip to the Infinite Variety Quilt Show  in New York at the American Folk Art Museum last March. Though, the woman who acquired 650 red and white quilts probably acquired more than a few of them by thrifty means. So technically, it's somebody else's Thrift Share on a really grand scale! If you would like to see more photos of the quilt show you can check them out on the Vintage Spinster Facebook Page.

MVP Item: This quilt which is made of bleached feed sacks and the images are restored by red embroidery.

#2 MVP Post: Items of Use
Not one, but two vintage DeVilbiss humidifiers in one day. I love a humidifier. I have sinus problems.

MVP Item: Tie-DeVilbiss 145 with all the trappings and the DeVilbiss All-Night for the fancy printing on the glass.

In which I take a trip to New Jersey with my friend Jeanne and the Vinyl Whores.

MVP Item: Gemco Spring Blossom cream and sugar set. More items to add to my expansive Spring Blossom collection.

Be sure to stop by the blog on Wednesday November 2nd for my Vintage Kitsch'n giveaway! More details about the items and how to win will be in Wednesday's Post.

As always I'm linking up with the fabulous Selena and Sophie for Thrift Share Monday and Flea Market Finds.

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  1. I could use one of those vaporizers today...and the blanket. It's finally cooled off here. All great finds!