Monday, October 10, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Points North

Last weekend as part of my jaunt to points north, I spent a night at my Grandfather's in Manchester, NH. On my drive back on Monday afternoon I decided to stop in Londonderry to check out the Goodwill. It was one of the strangest Goodwill's I've ever shopped in. I will never complain about erratic pricing in my Goodwills again. 

First off, I check out the cookbooks that are directly to the right of the entrance. Every one of them is priced at $5. Every one. I found this hilarious little vintage paper back about Chinese cooking with "Modern American Foods." It even still had it's Montgomery Wards price sticker! A tiny little paperback for $5?! I did get this Betty Crocker Pie cookbook because it was half off. 

So then I scoot over to housewares and find 2 Kings Crown tumblers in avocado. They were priced at $1 each and were also half off.

I also picked up this Swedish cookie press with all it's parts and original box for $3. I think I'll be making butter cookies for Christmas gifts.

This tie organizer was $2 and I will be using it to hang and display my growing vintage scarf collection.  Of course that's another project for the pile.

This giant mid-century frame was $2.50 at half off.

 It look like a portrait frame for a dresser or side table. I'll probably hang it on the wall in my bedroom.

One of the interesting parts of the Londonderry Goodwill was the amount of new merchandise they had. I assume it's because it was in a strip mall next to a TJ Maxx and a HomeGoods. Maybe that has something to do with their whackadoo pricing. 

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  1. That is some weird pricing! But the cookie press was a real bargain. Be sure and show us your Christmas cookies.

  2. $5 dollars each? Crazy! You did well. I like the idea of the tie rack to hold scarves.

  3. That is a cool tie organizer. So many things to be done with that!

  4. Great repurposing idea for the tie rack. I guess wacky pricing is something thrifters just have to accept. What if evening out the pricing meant that everything cost more?