Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Over The Hill, Allegedly.

Remember back in the day when there was just tons of that "Over The Hill" crap in every gift shop?
Well, the current generations have let that go by the wayside thank God.
Perhaps this will be the new catch phrase?

I love how the 40 is in quotes. As if you are allegely 40, and therefore sensational.
No idea if the bird and the 40 card are really a thing or if this is a clever homemade gift.

Seen at the Hamden, CT Goodwill.

For those with Pyrexia:
Yes, that is my iPhone case reflected in the glass.
Yes, that is the Friendship pattern.
Casemate allows you to upload a photo and they will ship you a custom case for $40.
I get a lot of compliments on mine, even from non-Pyrex freaks.

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  1. I got full "Over the Hill" treatment when I hit 40 in 1988. My cake was decorated with the Playboy granny, sagging body parts and all. There is a funny story involving the tips of those sagging parts of the granny's torso (I'm trying to be delicate here.), which were done in chocolate icing, and my daughter, who was 10 at the time, saying, "Mom, how did they know you go to the tanning salon?"

    I think my mother would have vastly preferred that I get the thrift of terror that you found...because the funniest part of my story is that my mom, the world's biggest prude (who had never laid eyes on a Playboy in her life), had asked a friend to make some sort of Over the Hill-type cake for me, and she hadn't opened the box till the whole family was standing around the table waiting to blow out candles. I'll never forget the stricken look on her face...especially when my daughter piped up with her comment.

  2. Oh Dana, that's hilariously horrible! Do you have a picture of the cake? If so that is a perfect story for Cake Wrecks.

  3. My mother was so mortified that she wouldn't let anyone take pictures. Of course, my brother and I were having a great time, eating the "tan bits" and giving my mother grief.

  4. Oh your poor mother! That would be a surprise if you'd never seen that particular Granny before!

  5. LOL, the quotes are fabulous. I am one of those "40" year olds, but generally I am 34 (my nickage=nickname) if you ask (!!)

    I have to say, though, I would have loved a cake like that one!

  6. I will be 40 next year I better not get that crap