Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Kitsch'n: It's Official, I'm Having a NewCollection

Today's Vintage Kitsch'n is all about the source material. I have become totally enamored of the Betty Crocker spiral bound cookbooks. It all started with my favorite little vintage cookbook, The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar.

Well, to get technical it started in childhood with the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. (Mom still has the spiral bound copy, I might need to trade it back on my next visit!)

Then I picked up All Time Favorites...

...and Good and Easy Recipes. (The title always makes me snicker.)

Please enlarge and read. It is exactly the reason
why the American food system is the way it is.

The latest is the Pie and Pastry Cookbook.

What is that sauce on the ice cream?

I love the graphics on the inside back cover for your daily nutrition:

Note the P.S.-can we say "agenda"

And look at the list of other cookbooks that are out there:

It's always exciting to find a new collection of things to hunt for. I like how just looking for the Betty Crocker spiral bound ones will limit my purchases too. In fact I jumped the gun and checked out eBay for what other BC Cookbooks might be out there. I put a bid on this lot that includes the Cooking Calendar, The Outdoor Cookbook and the Hostess Book, all for $10.00!

Why do I need another Cooking Calendar? So I can add it to my upcoming giveaway! I'm planning my blogiversary and will be putting together a Vintage Kitsch'n prize, and I really want the Cooking Calendar to be a part of it.


  1. Ooh! Me too! I love the spiral bound ones. I am up to five now but like you, want to complete the collection. :)

  2. Nice! Vintage cookbooks are always the neatest! That Hostess Cookbook looks interesting.

  3. What fun! That's a really cool and useful thing to collect.