Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Update

Project Finish What You Started:
This week was busy, so I focused on lots of little projects that I could get done quickly. I ended up putting the Top Secret Baby Project on the back burner, but I manged to get a little bit done Saturday night at work.

I framed this little patch and hung it on the wall in the living room. More on this project later in the week.

I bought more plate hangers and got some of the new trays hung up:

I also picked up the Roseanne Afghan from the cleaners and put it back on the bed. The kitties are very happy to have it back.

Projects Completed To Date: 4

ReSelling Challenge:
I spent the week pricing and taking inventory of the items I planned to sell at the English Market's Vintage Fashion Expo. It seemed like a pretty great event. I wish I could have been there for more of it. Melissa graciously watched my table and Carol took money.

I did manage to do a little shopping on my dinner break and bough this amazing knit black dress from Melissa's booth.

Check out her Etsy shop VintAnthroModern, she's got tons of great stuff. Especially shoes! Man I wanted some of those shoes. See that long table behind my rack. All. Shoes. Sadly, for me, most of the ones I gravitated to were a 7 1/2, and I am an 8.

Money Made: $25 ($70-$45 table fee)

Next Week:
Well the next show at the Rep is easy peasy, so I will have plenty of extra time to start getting listings up and running. It's already the 15th and I'm well short of my ReSelling goal, but I am making progress! I should also be able to get a big chunk of the Top Secret Baby Project finished and since I'm not going to be in my home much next week I plan on working on my pile of clothing alterations and working on my pile of paperwork while I'm waiting between cues.

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