Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Project Finish What You Started:

Guess who buys used clothes that need a quick fix with the intention of repairing and wearing them? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.
This week I went through my alterations pile. I eliminated the items that I really couldn't make work, and I repaired and altered the rest. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done!

Vintage Hawaiian dress
went from maxi length to knee length.

A sack of a shirtdress gets some shape
with a few strategically placed darts.

I clipped the tight arm band and serged the edges.
I dyed my Shakespeare shirt olive green.
I put some quick darts in the waistband of a skirt.

The giant pile of papers and old bills that lives next to my desk? Sorted, filed, and shredded as necessary.

As for the Top Secret Baby Gift. I am rolling right along. I'll give you a small clue, it's a quilt. I managed to finish piecing the top and basted it with safety pins.  I will do the actual machine quilting next week and my new goal is to have it done by Halloween.

Projects Completed to Date:  6

ReSelling Challenge:

I managed to get 24 of auctions up on eBay and already sold two items.  The eBay app on the iPhone sure does make listing fast and easy. And I love that when an item is sold, the phone alerts me with a little 'ca-ching" noise. Is that the sound of money being made? Oh yes, it is!

I'm revising my goal for the end of the month.  I am just going to stick with their free limit of 50 items with about 25 being books. For me, just  keeping 50 items listed at all times will be enough. On top of that I will try to get 10 items into the Etsy shop.  I'm one third of the way on my monetary goal and almost half way to my listing goal. Only one more week and time is flying by!

Money Made to Date: $34.49

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