Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Jeez Nerds, where did October go? All in all, it was pretty great. I feel like I made lots of progress in all aspects of my life not just with Project Finish What You Started and the ReSelling Challenge. I'm finally making it to the gym on a regular basis and have (finally) dropped a pant size because of it. I feel like I'm in a good balanced place with cooking, cleaning, and eating out. I had (and still have) tons of family and social events to go to this month. So while I may not have hit my original ReSelling Goals, I don't feel like I failed in any way.

Project Finish What You Started:

All other projects have been sidelined this week for progress on the Top Secret Baby Quilt. Which now only is in need of quilting 4 more squares, a binding around the edge, and then that bitch is done! I'll finish Monday and hopefully have a post up with more detail on Tuesday. Even though this was the only "project" I worked on all week. I did manage to keep my apartment pretty clean, which is a small miracle.

Projects completed to date: 6+

ReSelling Challenge:

I made one more sale this week and I have 20 eBay auctions up now. I also filed the quarterly taxes with the State. Even though I technically have until Tuesday to evaluate my progress on the ReSelling Challenge, I am done. Why? I've got a lot of socializing to do over Halloween weekend, and dammit-that's important too. (My friends and colleagues have a tendency to schedule all of their projects at the same time, bless them.)

Money Made to Date: No real clue.
Items sold: Not 100% sure. Because the stuff from the Vintage Fashion Expo is still in my car. (Which is probably the main reason why my apartment stayed clean.) 

So what have we learned over the past month? That there is nothing wrong with working at your own pace and making slow, but steady progress. (This is huge progress for me and my Type A personality.)  In looking over my progress for the last week/month on Thursday evening, I had a brief moment of panic. "OMG I haven't done anything this week. ANYTHING!" and then I thought: "F*ck it." You know what? I'm just never going to have the time to have 100's of items up on eBay and Etsy. I just have to squeeze it in when I can and worry about moving the inventory out of my life. Like I said, I will probably stick with the 50 free listings at one time for now. If I find at some point I can go beyond that, great. If not, good enough. If anything has come of this month, I am done being hard on myself.

So what's in store for next month? November 2nd will be the anniversary of Vintage Spinster and the upcoming week's posts will be spent celebrating that. I will probably spend some time planning some improvements and refinements to the blog over the course of the month. As for ReSelling, I'm just going to "keep on keepin' on" as Gladys Knight and the Pips like to say. I also need to spend the month reworking my ReSelling financial organizing system. It is a Big. Hot. Mess. Projects around the house will include: cleaning the basement, so I can get to the Christmas decorations at the end of the month, and clearing out a pile of crap that has been in my front hall closet for months. (These things are also of the big hot mess variety.)

Verdict: October for the win!

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  1. Good for you! Life is too short to be hard on yourself.