Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Which Came First? The Chicken or the Bookend

I don't even know where to begin.
Chickens and books?
For cookbooks maybe?

I got nothing except to point out the spectacularly bad paint job.
Seen at Helping Hands New Haven, CT

Or perhaps you prefer your fowl to be made out of  vegetables.

And spectacularly overpriced.
Spotted by my Mother in the Vancouver, WA Goodwill.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Update: Pity Party for One?

Well nerds, November has been a rough month. The abnormal  warm fall weather here in New England has had my allergies whistling Dixie all month, causing much sinus pain, nausea, vertigo, and an overall general malaise. While I am taking steps forward to combat the allergies, it has been a long, exhausting process with doctor visits and tests and long waits between visits and tests. Now I am in the two week waiting period while the pharmaceutical gnomes mix my allergy shot serum.  Hopefully, by mid-December I'll be back on the shots or the damn leaves will finally be off the damn trees.  Until I get my energy back, posts will be a bit sporadic. However, what I do have ready to go are Christmas themed Thrifts of Terror for the whole month of December!

Since Thanksgiving is over and it's now officially Christmas-time let me share this little discovery from a Savers a few weeks ago. It's not a Thrift of Terror, but a Thrift of Nostalgia. I had this very stocking holder when I was a kid.

Here is a link to an eBay auction for one of these guys with more info and photos. After consulting with my Mom, we believe it was purchased by my Grandmother.  The brand is GiftCo dated 1983, and after a little digging around on the interwebs, I discovered/remembered this was part of one of those school fundraising schemes that was undoubtedly put in place to teach us about the glory of Capitalism. (I was terrible at them, especially if they did not involve chocolate in some way.) I'm pretty sure we would have purchased this when I was in 2nd Grade, which was 1983, as my teacher was obsessed with Teddy Bears and had various bear things decorating her entire classroom.
In fact Mom still has the Christmas decoration art project from that year, a festive bear garland. (What does that have to do with Christmas? Who Knows!?) Almost 20 years later and it's laminate is still intact.

And of course, Mom still proudly displays it, every year. Here's hoping that I can get my own decorations up soon!

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Thrift Share Here Today, Thank You.

We've got quite enough to be getting on with.
A long Pre-Thanksgiving work week.
Fall allergies.
The realization that Christmas is 33 days away.

Please enjoy this fine plastic decoration that is hanging on the door of the Vinyl Whores apartment.
Me: "What's it made of?"
Garth: "The 70's"
'Til next week, Nerds!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: A Tale of Two Clocks

Two Westclox, both alike in dignity
In fair Savers, where we lay our scene
What the?

I hope that was a typo on the price on the left.
Seen at the Savers in Orange, CT

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backstage Vintage: Style and Flair

I spied these canisters the other day at work on the set of our latest show. I know the canisters themselves are vintage but I don't know about the "Style" or "Flair" part. It would be a cute DIY project though...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Search and Rescue

I originally planned to forgo trips to the thrifts this weekend, opting instead for an Estate Sale. It was a bust. I stopped by the Antique Mall since it was nearby, double bust. I needed to stop at Goodwill to drop off a carload of stuff, so I figured I would stop inside. Triple bust. With one exception.

This children's book is illustrated by my friend known as Polly Sonic. 

It's even signed by the author.

I know that every item on the shelf at any store is something designed and created by someone. Even mass produced objects have a lot of thought put into their design. I know how much exhausting time and effort my friend put into this project, and to see it just casually chilling in the book section at Goodwill is strange somehow.

Anyway for $2, it has been rescued and will find a new home with they of the story book quilt. Speaking of Polly, over Halloween weekend, I stopped by her latest art installation and took these pictures with Instagram.

For more of her illustrations and other art check out her website:

Thrifts of Terror: Oodles of Poodles

Yes, those poodles are high.

Seen at Helping Hands in New Haven, CT months ago.
They are still there.

But wait, there is more.
My mother spotted this one in Vancouver, WA

This one looks less stoned and more possesed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


To Deb of Works in Progress! The winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway.

Please send me an email at vtgspinster at gmail dot com with your mailing address so you can receive your major award. Thanks to all my readers and everyone who participated.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: I Went to Goodwill, and All I Spent Was $1.50

Well, $1.59 with tax. It was one of those days at the Goodwill. You know what I'm talking about. The ones where all the crazies decided to drop in. You head for a rack or a shelf, only to be cart-blocked while the cart's owner greedily paws at the merchandise with their back deliberately turned toward you. The merchandise is always crappy on those days anyway, so why the hysteria-I'll never know.

I did find a couple books for half price. This little paperback is another cookbook to add to my growing Betty Crocker collection.  It was .50.

These are also the days at Goodwill when the customers decide to argue every point with the staff. Some poor lad was trying to explain to a woman how two pieces of sofa were a sectional, and needed to be sold together, and they couldn't break up the set. (It was from Ikea, nothing to contribute to the Couch Quest.) She was not having it. This woman also got into it with another staff member who was trying  to enforce the 4 item limit for the fitting room. After a lengthy argument, the staff member gave up, I can't blame her. This was in addition to a woman who had parked her cart by the fitting rooms, but was not actually using the fitting rooms. She was just changing in the middle of an aisle. It was not pretty.

This hardback copy of the Dead Zone was $1. It's a first edition of  50,000. So even with the rips in the dust jacket it will turn a profit.

Last Tuesday was the 1 year Anniversary of the Vintage Spinster blog. To celebrate I am having a giveaway. You are still eligible to enter until November 9th at 11:59 pm. You could win these fabulous prizes:

Follow the link to the blog post to enter: Blogiversary Giveaway


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Special Bedpan Edition

The Blogiversary week continues with my favorite Thrift of Terror, my biggest thrifting pet peeve, the thing I find grossest above all others. The Bedpan.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Used devices made for the purpose of reliving oneself are unacceptable items to thrift.  (Unless you are able to do at home whatever sanitation practices they do in the medical world.) In my opinion, there is no amount of bleach that can erase the unknown germs that have graced these items.

This rule should apply to bedpans:

Potty trainers. 

I don't care that it's Vintage.

Just a note that this was sitting
outside the door of the public
restroom at Goodwill.
And Adult diapers.

[I have no photo of this at this time but I have previously seen Adult Diapers at Savers and been horrified.]

Now should you be in a situation where you have left over adult diapers, either due to a recently passed elderly loved one or an overly Method actor. (True story) Please give your local hospice or elderly care facility a call and see if they will take them as a donation. I just want you to think where that open (or even unopened) package has been before it landed on the shelf of your local thrift store. It's been in a germy pile of junk in the warehouse on the other side of the wall. Keep 'em sanitary and just move them from one home directly into the hands of someone else who really needs them.
(Gets off Soapbox)

Don't for get about my Blogiversary Giveaway.
You have until November 9th to enter!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thifts of Terror: What's a Party Without a Scary Clown?

For the entertainment for my Blogiversary Party, I present a clown.
Not just any clown.
A scary clown made of shells.

With a scary ass clown head.
Seen at the Londonderry Goodwill.

Don't forget to enter my Blogiversary Giveaway.
I swear the clown has nothing to do with it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts

From The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar 1969
Recipe: Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts

The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar has a menu for a Halloween Party For Grownups. Which is exactly what my friends and I had on Halloween (Yes, there was a 3 month old baby and a toddler, but they are too young to know any better.) Their suggestion is to have Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts, salted nuts, hot spiced punch, and coffee. Ours included Pumpkin  Chiffon Tarts, Zombie Cupcakes (red velvet, green icing), Pumpkin Cookies, Meatballs, Corndog muffins, chips and beer. Classy.

We didn't even eat any of the Tarts, since we had so many sweets at our disposal. We brought all the leftovers to work the next day.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want
1 envelope of unflavored gelatin-Hmmm, I may have forgotten this step
Garnish with whipped cream.-No go, we had enough to be getting on with.

Kitchen Wares:

For the tart shells, I used Reynolds foil baking cups. I also had to consult the Betty Crocker Pie and Pastry Cookbook for the tart shells recipe.

Verdict: Blue Ribbon. In fact, one of my co-workers declared them "awful-like poison" in an attempt to keep them all for himself. I can think of no higher compliment than hoarding.

Top Secret Baby Quilt, Top Secret No Longer

The Top Secret Baby Quilt is no longer a secret because it is done!

I'm not entirely sure where I got the Nursery Rhyme fabric. It was either during my President's Day extravaganza, or my last trip to Portland. Anyway at the time I bought it, I thought it would make a much better quilt than a book. Face it, a fabric book is going to be useful until about age 6. A quilt on the other hand can last for years.

I found the patchwork cheater cloth at the New Haven Salvation Army. I originally thought I would use it for the back, but thanks to technology I made the decision to use it for a log cabin border. I took photos of the fabrics on the trusty iPhone, then uploaded them into my Dropbox account. I was then able to print the photos off the computer, cut them up and tape them into mock ups.

As you can see, the patchwork cloth was the way to go.

I had purchased the red fabric I used for the back and the binding at Savers. I recieved the blue floral from my friend Polly, when I got that box of vintage fabrics from her. When I saw the blue, it reminded me so much of the red, I knew they had to be in a project together.

Like all of my other projects, this one has been moving around the apartment from pile to pile for months. The baby's birth came and went. I finally buckled down and got started. I'd say it took a month to complete. The piecing is a log cabin around the central nursery rhyme block with the blue as a border between.

The quilting is just ditch stitching and some outlining. Nothing too fancy. My favorite square is this one in which you are supposed to personalize the book. I took some liberties with the material.

The parents of Wendy loved it, and Wendy too for all that a 4 month old can express over an inanimate object. If you quilt, and see any of these vintage book panels out and about-buy them! This is a relatively quick, unique quilt and the fabric does most of the work for you. In fact I'm picking another one up off of Etsy for another friend's bun in the oven. 

ETA: This picture of Wendy enjoying her quilt.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway: Or a Very Happy UnBirthday to You!

Hey Nerds! The Vintage Spinster blog is officially one year old today! I cannot believe one year has gone by since I started posting the random crap I buy at thrift stores on the Internet. Who knew this could grow into such a fun, happy little place for me to share part of my life?

First off, I have some folks to thank before the music starts to swell and I get played off. Thank you to every reader who has stopped in to have a look. Even the ones who found me by accident by searching for Roseanne's afghan or giant forks and spoons. I have to give a shout out to Sophie of Her Library Adventures and Selena from Apron Thift Girl for hosting their weekly Thrift Shares. And Sir Thrift A Lot for the latest and greatest Thrift Share: WTF Tuesdays! Thank you to my top independent site referrals: Mr. Modtomic, Mid2Mod, The Yard Sale Snoop, and Grunge Queen. I'd especially like to thank Dana at Mid2Mod and Mr. Modtomic who I feel a special kinship with since we all started our blogs within months of each other, it's nice to be in such great company.

Now on to what you really came for: my first giveaway! The theme is Woodland Vintage Kistch'n. Let's have a look at the prizes, shall we?

Oooooh. Ahhhh.
Your very own copy of my favorite Vintage cookbook,
The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar.
A Pyrex 500ml Serve and Store with lid
in the Woodland pattern.
Mushroom Salt and Pepper shakers.
This Owl was covered in kitchen grease
when I bought him. I cleaned him up and now
he wants to develop a new layer of grease
in YOUR kitchen!

You can win by doing one or all of the following:

  • Leave a comment on this post with your name and email address.
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Entries will be open until 11:59 pm on November 9th and the winner will be announced on November 10th! Your Major Award will be shipped to you by USPS Priority Mail within the US or the cheapest rate possible overseas.
Good luck! (Or break a leg as we say in the biz we call show.)