Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts

From The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar 1969
Recipe: Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts

The Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar has a menu for a Halloween Party For Grownups. Which is exactly what my friends and I had on Halloween (Yes, there was a 3 month old baby and a toddler, but they are too young to know any better.) Their suggestion is to have Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts, salted nuts, hot spiced punch, and coffee. Ours included Pumpkin  Chiffon Tarts, Zombie Cupcakes (red velvet, green icing), Pumpkin Cookies, Meatballs, Corndog muffins, chips and beer. Classy.

We didn't even eat any of the Tarts, since we had so many sweets at our disposal. We brought all the leftovers to work the next day.

Creative Cookery: I do what I want
1 envelope of unflavored gelatin-Hmmm, I may have forgotten this step
Garnish with whipped cream.-No go, we had enough to be getting on with.

Kitchen Wares:

For the tart shells, I used Reynolds foil baking cups. I also had to consult the Betty Crocker Pie and Pastry Cookbook for the tart shells recipe.

Verdict: Blue Ribbon. In fact, one of my co-workers declared them "awful-like poison" in an attempt to keep them all for himself. I can think of no higher compliment than hoarding.

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  1. Just the name Pumpkin Chiffon Tarts has my mouth watering. I have a weakness for anything pumpkin. Yum!