Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: I Went to Goodwill, and All I Spent Was $1.50

Well, $1.59 with tax. It was one of those days at the Goodwill. You know what I'm talking about. The ones where all the crazies decided to drop in. You head for a rack or a shelf, only to be cart-blocked while the cart's owner greedily paws at the merchandise with their back deliberately turned toward you. The merchandise is always crappy on those days anyway, so why the hysteria-I'll never know.

I did find a couple books for half price. This little paperback is another cookbook to add to my growing Betty Crocker collection.  It was .50.

These are also the days at Goodwill when the customers decide to argue every point with the staff. Some poor lad was trying to explain to a woman how two pieces of sofa were a sectional, and needed to be sold together, and they couldn't break up the set. (It was from Ikea, nothing to contribute to the Couch Quest.) She was not having it. This woman also got into it with another staff member who was trying  to enforce the 4 item limit for the fitting room. After a lengthy argument, the staff member gave up, I can't blame her. This was in addition to a woman who had parked her cart by the fitting rooms, but was not actually using the fitting rooms. She was just changing in the middle of an aisle. It was not pretty.

This hardback copy of the Dead Zone was $1. It's a first edition of  50,000. So even with the rips in the dust jacket it will turn a profit.

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  1. ugh, i hate those thrift days! Ever since November hit it has been so hard to shop. Also, Christmas aisles take over where the good stuff used to be. So sad :( At least you got a couple good books, I'm never ambitious enough to dig through them...

  2. Every day at the thrift shops around here is like that. I read descriptions of wonderful thrifting experiences in other parts of the country and wish some of your shops could be transported to Fort Worth.

  3. Never knew a first edition of a Stephen King would turn a profit - will keep my eye out.

    I had all the crazies at my GW too today. There are always some there because it's in that part of town, but today they all seemed to come out. I'm guessing it was the very warm November day. I scooted in really quickly, seen a very funky green flowery Fire King bowl, but it was so badly faded I just snapped a photo & left. Nothing else.

  4. Oh geez I hate those rude customer days. Last summer me and my boyfriend at the time actually intervened at a thrift on the employee's behalf because things got so out of control. We said to the guy: "You do know you're at a thrift store, right?" And that we knew for a fact that the employee at this particular thrift was an un-paid volunteer who shouldn't have to take that level of harassment. It was so frustrating!