Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Search and Rescue

I originally planned to forgo trips to the thrifts this weekend, opting instead for an Estate Sale. It was a bust. I stopped by the Antique Mall since it was nearby, double bust. I needed to stop at Goodwill to drop off a carload of stuff, so I figured I would stop inside. Triple bust. With one exception.

This children's book is illustrated by my friend known as Polly Sonic. 

It's even signed by the author.

I know that every item on the shelf at any store is something designed and created by someone. Even mass produced objects have a lot of thought put into their design. I know how much exhausting time and effort my friend put into this project, and to see it just casually chilling in the book section at Goodwill is strange somehow.

Anyway for $2, it has been rescued and will find a new home with they of the story book quilt. Speaking of Polly, over Halloween weekend, I stopped by her latest art installation and took these pictures with Instagram.

For more of her illustrations and other art check out her website:


  1. Your friend does beautiful illustrations, and I love her puppets too.

  2. wow. I didn't know she did all that. I love the illustrated books! I knew she was talented, but holy cow. She does a lot of other stuff too!

  3. Super awesome! (At least it's not one I signed!) Thanks for saving the little guy.