Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thrifts of Terror: Special Bedpan Edition

The Blogiversary week continues with my favorite Thrift of Terror, my biggest thrifting pet peeve, the thing I find grossest above all others. The Bedpan.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Used devices made for the purpose of reliving oneself are unacceptable items to thrift.  (Unless you are able to do at home whatever sanitation practices they do in the medical world.) In my opinion, there is no amount of bleach that can erase the unknown germs that have graced these items.

This rule should apply to bedpans:

Potty trainers. 

I don't care that it's Vintage.

Just a note that this was sitting
outside the door of the public
restroom at Goodwill.
And Adult diapers.

[I have no photo of this at this time but I have previously seen Adult Diapers at Savers and been horrified.]

Now should you be in a situation where you have left over adult diapers, either due to a recently passed elderly loved one or an overly Method actor. (True story) Please give your local hospice or elderly care facility a call and see if they will take them as a donation. I just want you to think where that open (or even unopened) package has been before it landed on the shelf of your local thrift store. It's been in a germy pile of junk in the warehouse on the other side of the wall. Keep 'em sanitary and just move them from one home directly into the hands of someone else who really needs them.
(Gets off Soapbox)

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  1. so gross. why do people even put potty stuff in a thrift store. it's like me leaving my underwear behind.

  2. My clumsy fingers accidentally deleted this comment from Dana:

    "I agree that taking things like that to a thrift store is in very poor taste, but the people running the place are even more disgusting for putting them out on the shelves just to make a buck. What's next? Catheter tubes and ostomy bags? I know there are people who need things like that at thrift prices...or, better yet, free...but there should be a more discreet way for them to get the supplies they need."

    I couldn't agree more.

  3. oooooomg! haha that stuff is ROUGH

  4. Eeeeee yep. What gets to me is when the thrifts take those portable potty jugs (the plastic ones with lids) and put them with the plastic thermoses, pitchers and cups. I can't quit thinking about someone who doesn't know taking one of those home and serving juice out of it.

  5. Yikes. I would like to go thrifting and not find anything toilet-related at all!